The Introduction

The perfect introduction to The Book of Fett

Before I jump into discussing this episode, I want to discuss two very important scenes teasing the return of Boba Fett.Boba Fett’s return to the Star Wars universe was first teased in Chapter 5, The Gunslinger. At the end of the episode, you hear a pair of spurs as a dark cloaked individual walks up to the wounded Fennic Shand.Then, in The Mandalorian, Chapter 9: The Marshal, the closing scene shows a scarred clone’s gaze following Dinn Djarin’s speeder race across the dunes.


The Following discusses Chapter 14, The Tragedy.

  1. I’ve always thought Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc. In the legends material he did. In the new Canon, he survives.


  1. I’ve always thought Boba Fett was trained in the Mandalorian ways. In the legends material he was. In the new Canon he is.


  1. This means Jango Fett was a Mandalorian as well. In the legends material he was. In the new Canon he is. If you study the history, Almec was aligned with house Vizla. House Vizla had a long standing feud with Jastor Mereel, and Death Watch (old canon). Jaster Mereel trained Jango Fett as a foundling (legends material). Almec took every opportunity to denounce Jango Fett. In the animated Clone Wars series (new Canon), Almec tells Obi Wan that Jango was not a Mandalorian. He lied, as confirmed in Chapter 14, The Tragedy.


  1. Boba Fett is the ultimate warrior. He is not just a man with armor and gadgets. He is a warrior, trained in the Mandalorian Arts. His skills have been honed through the hardships endured surviving the dangers of the outer rim. The armor does not make him. He makes the armor. He has his own code, and he lives by it. He makes no apologies for it. He is the ultimate galactic warrior. This in no way shape or form denigrates Dinn Djarin. He too is the ultimate warrior. He exhibits many of the same attributes as Fett. Both walk The Way of the Mandalore in their own way.


  1. Seeing Slave 1 back in action…GLORIOUS!


  1. This episode did not feel like a tragedy…though the loss of the Razor Crest stings. Looking back, the loss of the Razor Crest was foreshadowed.


  1. The show follows the wave of life. Things go well until you hit some adversity. How do you work through the adversity? How will Dinn Djarin? We shall see.


  1. The writers are staying true to the Star Wars lore as many of us have understood it for 30 plus years.


  1. I wonder if we will ever hear the back story as to why Boba Fett did not take the armor back from Cobb Vanth.


  1. It appears Fennec Shand is paying off a life debt and Boba Fett appears to be treating her as a partner. I am interested to see how their professional relationship develops. 


  1. I’m excited to see what happens next in the adventures of Dinn Djarin, Boba Fett and Fennac Shand.



  1. We will see how everything develops. At the moment it seems as if Boba Fett will be the new crime lord, after taking Bib Fortuna’s place. I was surprised that Fortuna was still alive and not just a brain in a spider droid, since a short story which is now Legends told otherwise.

      1. The brain we see in the spider droid in Return of the Jedi is one of the B’omarr monks, since Bib Fortuna is still alive at his time.
        Bib Fortuna took over after Jabba died in the explosion of the Khetanna, was tricked by Salacious Crumb and ended because of this as a brain in the spider droid, if I recall this right.

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