Obi Wan Kenobi Part V

Several important revelations have occurred in Part V. First, we confirm the true origins of Reva. Second, we confirm the fate of the Grand Inquisitor. Lastly, we see how tremendously powerful Darth Vader is. 


Jabiim Compromised. It seems every Star Wars story needs a tracker. The Obi Wan Kenobi series is no exception. Third Sister’s gambit worked, and the fugitives have indeed returned to Jabiim. Vader is hot on their heels thanks to the Third Sister’s quick thinking.

The Reveal. Obi Wan Kenobi correctly surmised that Reva was in fact a youngling. Her story is incredibly sad. Her anger is fueled for her hatred of Anakin Skywalker as well as the pain of abandonment she suffered when no one came to save the younglings. Where was Obi Wan? Her pain is unimaginable, and she turned to the dark side to manage it.

Flashbacks and Blind Spots. This is the core of this week’s part of the story.  Vader and Kenobi both hearkened back to Anakin’s training, attempting to anticipate each other’s move in this game of force chess. Kenobi knew Vader would aggressively pursue him. He knew Vader would continue to furiously press the attack in order to achieve his goal. Kenobi knew that Vader didn’t believe in mercy, even as a padawan. Kenobi also knew that Vader expected him to surrender in order to protect the refugees. Kenobi also gambled that Reva would engage Vader herself as she has been stalking Vader for years. Vader anticipated one trap, however he missed Kenobi’s next move. Weaponless and captured, Kenobi is still a formidable opponent.


“Your need for victory blinds you.” The refugees sent a decoy ship into flight. Kenobi anticipated Vader’s reaction and power. Vader recognized the ruse too late, and the refugees got away on the second ship in the hanger. His singular focus was on capturing Kenobi. He failed to stretch out with his feelings and recognize that there was no one on the ship he captured with the force. His mistake is mirrored by his failure to anticipate Kenobi using the force to snatch the lightsaber from him as a padawan.

Vader’s Power. Vader pulled a ship down to the ground and ripped it open. He used the force to block every one of Reva’s lightsaber attacks including her first strike at him from behind. He used the force to stop Reva’s twirling blade, snatch it from her and rip it in two. He handled her saber craft with ease. His awesome power was on display.
Leia the Mechanic. The tracker infected Leia’s droid and was used to further trap the refugees. Quick to fit in where she can, Leia volunteered her keen mind and small body to fix the mechanical issue impeding the escape of the refugees. Leia also was able to fix her droid by pulling the slave bug off. Lola is back to her old self!
Tala’s Sacrifice. I struggled with this portion of the story. Tala’s character was so rich. There was mystery and background to her. She was a fertile playground for future stories and the writers decided to end her life. The likelihood of her surviving the blaster shot was low, but it is Star Wars; she could have made it. In the big scheme of things did her death mean anything? No. She delayed the advancement of storm troopers, but they would have been delayed anyway. Obi Wan could have still executed his winning strategy. However, perhaps its important for us to all remember that there is sacrifice and death in war. There is a raw grittiness to this series that all of us as fans will have to come to grips with. The scene was well done. Despite that, I struggle with the necessity of it.

Opportunity Lost? It is worth noting that it did not appear that either Vader or the Grand Inquisitor took notes or intelligence from the Jabiim base. Perhaps they will return later…


Reva Survives? Vader continues to compound mistakes. You must always ensure your enemy is dead. Reva may very well survive to continue to be a thorn in the side of Vader. However, could she offer up a different prize to get back into his good graces?

Light Speed Compromised. The tone is set for the finale. How will the refugees overcome a downed hyper engine? Will Leia be returned to her adopted parents? How does Obi Wan return to Tatooine? What is Reva’s fate? I anticipate a longer episode to close out all these storylines.

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