Preparation for Season 3 of The Mandalorian!

I hope y’all are as excited for the season as I am. It looks to be highly kinetic and Mandalore specific. As 1 March 2023 drew near, I began to re-watch Mandalorian centric content. First, I re-watched Season 2 of the Mandalorian, and then I enjoyed the Book of Fett. For those of you that didn’t want to watch the Book of Fett, I highly advise watching at least the last three episodes. Watching those episodes will show you exactly why Grogu is back with Din Djarin and how Djarin acquired his new ship.

Re-watching Season 2 and the Book of Fett was not enough. I decided to go back into the archives a bit and re-watch all the Mandalorian centric content from Star Wars the Clone Wars as well as Star Wars Rebels. This lore is highly important to watch as it will help you understand the history of the Dark Saber. Specifically, I recommend you watch the following from Star Wars the Clone Wars:
  1. Season 2, Episode 12, The Mandalore Plot
  2. Season 2, Episode 13, Voyage of Temptation
  3. Season 2, Episode 14, Duchess of Mandalore
  4. Season 3, Episode 5, Corruption
  5. Season 3, Episode 6, The Academy
  6. Season 4, Episode 14, A Friend in Need
  7. Season 5, Episode 14, Eminence
  8. Season 5, Episode 15, Shades of Reason
  9. Season 5, Episode 16, Lawless
  10. Season 7, Episode 9, Old Friends Not Forgotten
  11. Season 7, Episode 10, Phantom Apprentice
  12. Season 7, Episode 11, Shattered
Watching these episodes gives you a deeper knowledge of the history of Mandalore during the clone wars. You learn that Mandalore was ruled by a pacifist and strived to maintain neutrality during the clone wars. Mandalore became the focus of several manipulations from outside forces.
Bo-Katan’s Star Wars story starts with Season 4, a Friend in Need. She is vastly different than she is portrayed now. She starts off as a Death Watch member under clan Vizla. As the remaining episodes air, you begin to see her character develop. Eventually you are also introduced to two more pinnacle characters that are further fleshed out in Star Wars Rebels, Ursa Wren and Gar Saxon. Finally, the viewers are introduced to the Dark Saber and a portion of the lore around it.
I also recommend that you watch the following episodes from Star Wars Rebels:
  1. Season 2, Episode 13, Protector of Concord Dawn
  2. Season 3, Episode 7, Imperial Supercommandos
  3. Season 3, Episode 15, Trials of the Dark Saber
  4. Season 3, Episode 16, Legacy of Mandalore
  5. Season 4, Episode 1, Heroes of Mandalore: Part 1
  6. Season 4, Episode 2, Heroes of Mandalore: Part 2
The whole show features Sabine Wren as part of the Ghost’s crew and Phoenix Squadron. Thru these six episodes the viewer becomes well acquainted with the lore behind the Dark Saber. You learn that it was created by the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizla. You learn that clan Vizla broke into the Jedi archives and stole the Dark Saber and used it as a tool to remain the ruling faction of Mandalore for generations to come.

Mandalorians are a naturally fractious group. If they cannot unite as one against a common enemy, then they fight amongst themselves. Lastly you see how Bo-Katan came to possess the Dark Saber. Once you watch these episodes from The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, then the Armorer’s discussion of the destruction of Mandalore at the hands of the Empire becomes much more salient and important.

Interwoven thru out all the core lore talked about the Mandalorian is the connection of Sabine Wren to the clone wars. Her mother is Ursa Wren, leader of clan Wren and once the right hand to Bo-Katan. Gar Saxon’s fate is revealed. Lastly fans are introduced to another vestige of the clone wars, Fenn Rau. In Rebels, Rau was the leader of the Protectors. However, during the clone wars he helped train Clone pilots and even fought beside them in several large-scale engagements. One wonders if we will see Fenn Rau, or members of clan Wren or Clan Saxon in season 3 of the Mandalorian.
Din Djarin has a tough task on his hands. First, he has to redeem his so-called apostacy for violating the ancient creed of Mandalore. Second, in so doing, it seems that he may be given the task of uniting the various factions to re-take and repopulate Mandalore. This means dealing with Bo-Katan who has mixed feelings about the Children of the Watch. Her own association with Clan Vizla and the Children of the Watch will likely come into play as this season unfolds as well. All in all, it should be a very interesting season!

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