Season 2, Episode 10 – The Retrieval

This episode neatly closes the mini story started by “The Crossing”. Omega gets the bright idea to try and track “Gonky” their Gonk droid. While she works on the issue, the rest of the team focuses on rigging and repairing an old speeder. Once the speeder was repaired, they realize they are only 100 km away from Gonky and likely their ship. Later that night they make their way to a seemingly abandoned ipsium mine. They track the droid and come upon the thief, Benni Baro.

Benni has been working as a scavenger for a small-time gangster named Mokko. The gangster took over the mine after the Techno Union left. Mokko essentially enslaved the young boys who were left behind on the planet to do his bidding. He convinced them that the mine output was severely degraded, but he assured the boys he would take care of them. He instituted a system of control wherein only the top earner was rewarded with the most food ration. This system of control caused the young boys to take desperate measures in order be noticed. Benni was no exception.
Benni was forced into helping the Bad Batch in retrieving their ship. As usually, the team had to execute an unorthodox infiltration method to enter the facility without being noticed. This time they had to rappel down an exhaust shaft, timing the exhaust just right to enter the facility. Hunter went first and had to neutralize an unexpected threat.
Once the team was inside, they made their way to the ship. Realizing that the hyperdrive among other essential parts had been removed, the team went to work putting the Marauder back together. Omega reminded the crew that they needed to shut down the ray shield. Benni convinced the team that only Omega could go as she would not stick out. Throwing on a minor’s coat, she followed Benni back into the mine to shut down the ray shield.
Benni needed to swipe a key card from one of the members of the inner circle to access the central tower where the ray shield controls were housed. After swiping the card from a fellow worker, Benni decided to hear who the top earner was. Disappointed that he did not receive the award after stealing a starship, Benni resolved to do something even greater to gain Mokko’s respect.
Once inside the tower, Omega shared her rations with Benni, shocking him. However, she did not know that shortly after entering the tower, Benni had tripped a com switch to signal there were intruders. As Omega was downloading the data for Tech to remotely shut down the shields, Benni began to realize that she was treated as an equal member of her team. Benni wanted that from Mark. Omega also discovered that the mined ipisum was of extremely high quality. She shared this information with Benni. He was shocked, but barely had time to react because Mokko burst into the room and captured Omega.
The team realizes something was up. First, two of the boys found Tech and Wrecker working on the ship. Hunter went to chase them down but lost them. Realizing they were in more trouble, Tech and Wrecker came to help and showed up in the mine just as Mokko was exiting the central tower with Omega. As the confrontation started, Benni burst onto the scene and confronted Mokko with his lies. The remaining boys, realizing they had been duped by the gangster, turned on him.
This was a great story. It is a fine example of a small-time gangster taking advantage of a situation thru lies and enslavement. Tech noted that this is how the Empire works, but on a much larger scale. As the episode closed, I could not help but wonder if the direction of the team would be similar to the A-Team. They are outcast, hunted by authorities, but they seem to find a way to help others in need. Omega observed that there are many others in the galaxy like Mokko. Tech noted that there are many like the Bad Batch as well, and that is something. It is hard to tell the direction of the show, but it would not surprise me if they embark on a series of adventures similar to the A-Team.

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