The Book of Fett Trailer Thoughts

The Book of Fett Trailer Thoughts

Shivers ran down my spine as I watched the trailer on my big screen during Monday Night Football. It was the third time I had seen it on Monday. The opening scene greets us with a B’omarr monk skittering across the desolate landscape of Tattoine, just outside Jabba’s Palace. A bit of research, and you will find out that the B’omarr monks-built Jabba’s palace as a monastery. Jabba took it over but allowed the monks to stay as they amused him. The first time we encounter a B’omarr monk is during the beginning scenes of Return of the Jedi as Luke enters the palace, a Monk skitters across the walkway.

Next, we are treated to scene wherein Boba is chatting with an Ithorian whose speech is clearly being translated thru some sort of vocabulator. Odds are he is new to the Star Wars canon, but I can’t help but wonder if he has some relation to Dok-Ondar, an antiquities dealer we see some 30 years in the future on Batuu.


The next scene is of a city set in a depression surrounding a central spire. Is this Ord Mantell? Boba Fett has had dealings here before. The Black Sun and other crime syndicates have been known to operate on Ord Mantell as well.


A few scenes later we see Boba meeting with a group of Trandoshans, Klatoonians and Aqualish. It seems that Boba will be attempting to unite Jabba’s fractured criminal empire. This endeavor will surely lead to outstanding combat scenes. It is clear this series will be exploring the Outer Rim’s criminal underworld on a much wider scale.


“Jabba ruled with fear. I intend to rule with respect.” Boba Fett has always had a code. He believes in it. It will be interesting to see how these words play themselves out.

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