Reflections on Chapter 14, The Tragedy

The Mandalorian is on to the next stage of his quest. Planet Tython is situated in a remote system in the Deep Core. A planet steeped in Jedi lore, it is now seemingly forgotten. As Djarin makes his approach he continues to have Grogu work on his skills with the ball. Djarin finds the seeing stone and as he starts the landing cycle, he places the ball back on the lever.

The seeing stone is on a mountainous hill, surrounded by hills, requiring Djarin and Grogu to fly there via jet pack. Once placed on the stone, it takes a minute for Grogu to commune. Once the process started, the force put up a wall of energy, protecting Grogu. Shortly after Grogu started communing, Slave 1 appears. Now, it is unclear if Djarin recognized the ship or not. What he did know is that the chances of this ship showing up shortly after Djarin landed is not a coincidence. Djarin made his way down to confront the perceived threat.
Throughout the past two seasons of the Mandalorian, premonitions of Boba Fett were scattered like easter eggs. The spurs and the scarred clone come to mind. Chapter 14 confirms the fact that Boba Fett survived his ordeal with the Sarlacc. Now, he has come for his armor, and he brought a friend. Fennec Shand also survived and has apparently teamed up with Fett.
Fett has always had a code. He understands Djarin’s attachment to the beskar. He also appreciates that Djarin has taken care of it. Still, he is willing to fight for it. Djarin notes that only one of them has beskar on. Shand’s overwatch, scoping out Grogu is the great equalizer. Fett suggested they lay their arms down and chat. Shortly after Djarin places his jet pack down, Imperial troop transports begin landing causing Djarin to run for Grogu.
Though Fett lacked his armor, he still brought weapons to the fight. Strapped to his back was a gaffi stick and an old cycler rifle. Shand and Fett began a running battle, with Shand picking storm troopers off from on high and Fett taking them out with his gaffi stick down below. Then, he spots the Razor Crest and his armor.
The Mandalorian was unable to penetrate the force shield, so he decided to join the fight. As Shand and Djarin fought back-to-back, Fett dropped in using his own jet pack and proceeded to wreck shop on the imperial troopers using every aspect of his armor. His furious assault appeared to cause the troopers to run back to their transports and take off. Fett locked in on the lower transport and fired his jet pack rocket. The rocket hit the upper transport, crashing into the lower transport taking them both out.
The Tragedy. Two things can account for the title. One is the capture of Grogu by the Dark Troopers. Two is the destruction of the Razor Crest. The Razor Crest was more than just a ship to the Mandalorian. It was his home. He had acquired weapons, credits, and memories in this ship. It was modified specific to his needs. With one turbo-laser blast it was gone. Now, he had to figure out how to rescue Grogu. As he surveyed the ruins, he found his ball and the beskar spear.

Fett proved via chain code that he was entitled to the armor. He also felt for Djarin. He appreciated that his armor was returned to him, and he considered himself in debt to Djarin. He decided to tie himself and Shand to Djarin’s quest.


This episode is among my favorites of the whole series. It was highly kinetic. One of my favorite characters returned to Star Wars. Finally, we have a new team up of epic proportions. The remainder of the season is poised for an exciting finish!

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