Season 2, Episode 4 – Faster

On its face, this was a light fun episode however there is a tinge of darkness that overshadows this week’s story. Cid’s underworld associations run deep. This week we are introduced to a Dowutin gangster named Millegi. It is apparent they have a long history of dealing together, some of which are not pleasant.

Cid had decided to diversify her portfolio and buy a Riot Racer. Star Wars lore is forever introducing us to a new type of racing. In the expanded universe we had swoop racing. In Phantom Menace we had pod racing. In the comics and Star Wars Resistance there are various types of starship racing. Riot Racing is very dangerous. The speeders are equipped with weapons, shields and devices to eliminate their opposition while traveling at breakneck speeds. Droids and sentients alike participate.

Cid enlists Wrecker, Tech and Omega to be her muscle as she travels to Safa Toma watch her racer compete and hopefully make her a pile of credits. Cid acquired not only the speeder but also a droid named TAY-O to pilot it. TAY-O presents as a puffed up, arrogant being who has an inflated sense of ego. It would be interesting to meet the individual who made him that way.


Riot Racing is dangerous not only to the racers but to spectators as well. Blaster bolts are fired indiscriminately and there are no protective barriers for the onlookers.

It is unclear if Cid knew Millegi would be on Sofa Toma for the race. What is clear is that she too has an inflated sense of ego and jumped at the chance to place a bet with Millegi. TAY-O raced fairly well, however he allowed himself to get in-between two racers who were working together. They also worked for Millegi who specifically told his racers to crash TAY-O out.

When it came time to pay up, Millegi was not going to accept a later pay day. Omega stepped up the plate and stated that they would do another race. Tech had been studying the route, the speeders, and the race in general. As they were repairing the speeder and TAY-O, Wrecker remarked that they should just break Cid out. Tech correctly surmised that Millegi would exact unpleasant revenge on all of them if they chose Wrecker’s solution.


Tech helped put TAY-O back together and it appeared that they were going to learn from the previous day’s mistake. However, TAY-O was destroyed by a crashing speeder whilst arrogantly telling Tech he was wrong about how to conduct the race.

Tech decided to race himself. His careful study, and superior mind helped him develop and execute a winning strategy. Realizing he needed more power to go faster he dumped his weapons midway thru the race, and then traversed a dangerous tunnel. When Millegi’s tried the same dirty trick they pulled on TAY-O, Tech was ready for it and juked away in the nick of time causing Millegi’s racers to crash each other out.
It is unclear how Millegi would have extracted his payment, but one can imagine that it was going to involve significant bodily harm. Tech was certainly concerned about the risks that Cid takes on a routine basis. Millegi left Omega, Wrecker and Tech a warning to watch themselves around Cid. The real question is has she changed for the better?

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