Season 2, Episode 3 – The Solitary Clone

Crosshair survived. We all knew that he would. It is unclear if the ordeal that ended last season has changed him at all though. His fellow clones still want little to do with him. However, there is one exception.

Crosshair is assigned to secure a captured Imperial on the former Separatist World of Dessex. Commander Cody is leading the mission. Overshadowing the whole episode is the notion that Clone Troopers appear to be deserting at alarming rates. We even begin to see changes in Commander Cody as well.


The mission pits the Imperial Clone Troopers against Separatist Droids once again. We are treated to seeing many familiar droids. A tactical droid leads B1 battle droids, droidekas, as well as a full platoon of BX Commando Droids.

Crosshair shows off his unique sniper skills, taking out an AAT with a shot down the barrel. The episode also highlights his blaster bolt skipping skills as well.


War has worn on Commander Cody. He hopes to find a peaceful solution to the problem at hand once they finally get to the captured Imperial. Still, Crosshair will always be the good Soldier and follow orders of a superior officer.

The episode ends with an interesting twist. Commander Cody is AWOL. I wonder what this means for the rest of the season. Could he reunite with the remainder of Clone Force 99? Will they take his chip out as well? Or has Commander Cody been secretly assigned to hunt down Clone Force 99 and eradicate them? It will be interesting to see how things unfold.

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