Reflections on Chapter 15, The Believer

Boba Fett, The Mandalorian and Cara Dune are all vested in finding Grogu. Dune uses her Marshal status to find out where Migs Mayfeld is being held in confinement. The chapter opens with the newly formed team landing on the prison planet to retrieve Mayfeld. Migs looks decidedly confused and then a look of terror crossed his face as he saw Boba Fett walk down the gang plank of Slave 1. When he realized it was not the Mandalorian he relaxed for a mere two seconds and then Mando sauntered down the gang way as well. Mayfeld knows the Imperial Remnant’s codes and that is why he is being enlisted. As an ex-ISB agent, they need Mayfeld to help figure out where Moff Gideon is.

In order to accomplish this mission, Mayfeld has to plug into an imperial remnant terminal. He identifies Morak as the closest out of the way planet to find an imperial remnant terminal to plug into.   


Morak is being used by the imperial remnant to mine and refine rydonium, a volatile starship fuel. The people of Morak severely dislike the imperials. Pirates attack the imperials transporting the rydonium from the mine to the refinery on a routine basis.

The team forms a plan and the Mandalorian begins to bend his own creed in order to support the mission to find Grogu, his foundling. Migs and Djarin hijack one of the Juggernaught transports. They put on the imperial armor of the previous drivers and start to make their way towards the refinery. As they drive, Migs shares some of his philosophy on life giving you a closer view of his cynical mindset.

“Yeah. Empire, New Republic. It’s all the same to these people. Invaders on their land is all we are. I’m just sayin’, somewhere someone in this galaxy is ruling and others are being ruled. I mean, look at your race. Do you think all those people that died in wars fought by Mandalorians actually had a choice? So how are they any different than the Empire. If you were born on Mandalore, you believe one thing, if you’re born on Alderaan, you believe something’ else. But guess what? Neither one of them exist anymore. Hey, I’m just a realist. I’m a survivor, just like you.”

Migs makes a good point. Of course, Djarin is not outwardly impressed but you can tell over time that Migs left an impression on him. Especially with the next comment:


I don’t know. Seems to me like your rule start to change when you get desperate. I mean, look at ya. You said you couldn’t take off your helmet off, and now you got a stormtrooper one on, so what’s the rule? Is it you can’t take off your Mando helmet, or you can’t show your face? ‘Cause there is a difference. Look, I’m just sayin’, we’re all the same. Everybody’s got their line they don’t cross until things get messy. As far as I’m concerned, if you can make it through your day and still sleep at night, you’re doin’ better than most.” 

This is a pivotal quote, and it exemplifies the changes Din Djarin has been experiencing as he learns more and more that the dogmatic view of the world he has been taught has become more and more grey over time. Djarin has compromised some of his creed to accomplish a greater good. Some might say he creatively found a solution to a difficult problem. Still, he continues to bend the rules because of his devotion to his foundling.
Migs and Mando are attacked during their drive back to the refinery. Mando surely missed his armor, but he successfully fended off the pirates, speeder skiff by speeder skiff. One last speeder was coming and all the pirates pulled out thermal detonators getting ready to throw, the familiar whine of TIE fighters filled the air as they strafed the pirates giving the juggernaut safe passage into the safe zone of the refinery. One of the few times the viewers were happy to see a TIE fighter.
Migs and Mando dismounted the vehicle to a fan fair of cheers. They navigated their way to the officer’s mess where there was a computer. Migs suddenly recognized Valin Hess, his former commanding officer during Operation Cinder. He was concerned he would be recognized and wanted to abort the mission. The problem was that in order to access the imperial computer terminal, a retinal scan had to occur. Interestingly enough it did not matter if the retinal scan was in the computer, it was just a scan to ensure the user was apparently human. So, Mando decided to remove his helmet entirely to accomplish the mission.
Hess recognized Mando and Migs as the two transport drivers. After an amusing exchange between the three wherein Migs referred to Mando as Brown Eyes, all three settled down at a table for a drink. Migs was clearly uncomfortable. His unit suffered great losses during Operation Cinder on Burnin Konn. Migs finally lost his cool and after saying his piece introduced Hess to a blaster bolt to the chest. This sparked their escape.
Cara Dune and Fennec Shand were on a hill sniping would be shooters off Migs and Mando. Finally, Dune and Shand took out the anti-aircraft troopers and Boba Fett was able to swoop in and pick up Migs and Mando. Migs snatched up a Fett’s cycler rifle and put a slug into an open hatch of the rydonium transport, blowing up the whole refinery. TIE fighters were hot on the team’s trail but they could not out run Slave 1’s gravity bombs. With the mission complete, Migs mysteriously disappeared on Morak. Perhaps we will see him again in future stories.

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