Reflections on Chapter 16, The Rescue

This is the culminating chapter of the season. It all comes together here. As you watch, you can sense the main conflict coming. The chapter does a great job of packing all the pivotal characters of season 2 together to tell the final story of the season.

Cara Dune has stayed on to finish the quest. We open with Fett using the ion cannons of SLAVE 1 to disable an imperial shuttle. The team boards and secures the same cloning scientist we have seen thru out the story.
Djarin convinces Fett to take him to an unknown planet to secure additional help. If they are going to board an Imperial Strike Cruiser, they are going to need additional muscle. The pair enter a cantina where Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves are sitting and enjoying a drink. Fett and Bo-Katan immediately recognize one another and apparently there is no love lost. Still, Fett’s oath to Djarin overrides whatever personal conflicts or reservations he has about Mandalorians in general. Clearly Bo-Katan has her reservations about Fett.
Bo-Katan agrees to help in Djarin’s mission as it is a chance for her to obtain the Dark Saber, an item of importance that she still has not explained to Djarin. Fett, Shand, Dune, Bo-Katan, Reeves, Djarin and the clone scientist all sit down for a chat and a run-down of Moff Gideon’s ship. The team learns about the Dark Troopers and the fact that they are now droids, requiring a power up session before they are released. A plan is laid out. It is simple in nature. The female warriors will be a distraction and eventually take the bridge while Djarin secures Grogu before the Dark Troopers are activated.

The plan first requires the Imperial Shuttle to act as a trojan horse of sorts. Fett chased the shuttle out of hyperspace seemingly attacking it while the shuttle is seeking to emergency dock with the strike cruiser. The plan succeeded and the female warriors stormed the landing bay taking down all troopers and pilots in sight. 


While Bo-Katan and company made their way to the bridge, Mando made his way to find Grogu. He was held up by the Dark Troopers. He managed to get the door shut but one had escaped. The Dark Trooper is a formidable foe, and it took all of Mando’s skills to bring it down. He released the remainder into space and then walked into the cell where Grogu was guarded by Moff Gideon himself.

Gideon attempted to fool Djarin into believing he could have Grogu without a fight. Djarin was ready. The two battled, Gideon with the Dark Saber and Djarin with his beskar spear. Pure beskar will stop a lightsaber. Eventually Djarin bested Gideon and won the Dark Saber not knowing what he had truly just accomplished.
After Bo-Katan and company had secured the bridge they patiently waited for an update from Djarin. Bo-Katan looked in stunned stone-faced silence as Djarin dragged Gideon in carrying the Dark Saber to one side. It was then that the long lore of the Dark Saber was subtly revealed. Bo-Katan had accepted the Dark Saber as a gift once before from Sabine Wren who won it in battle from Gar Saxon. The Dark Saber is to be won not gifted. Somehow Bo-Katan lost it during the purge of Mandalore and has been spending her days attempting to find it so she could win it back. She had subtlety let it be known that it should be she to battle Moff Gideon during their earlier mission brief. Unfortunately, Djarin had no choice but to battle Gideon to save Grogu. Still, Djarin cared little for the lore of the Dark Saber and was only happy to have Grogu back seemingly safe and sound.
As the team was re-grouping and attempting to figure out the next step, the Dark Troopers remerge enter the ship thru the landing bays and make their way to the bridge. As they begin to pound away at the bridge doors, Gideon hides a blaster and taunts his captors. Then, a curious thing happened. An X-wing appeared on the scopes and then in the view port. The Dark Troopers instantly stopped their pounding. They are imbued with the ability to sense force users. They stopped, and a few broke off to meet the new perceived threat.
A dark robed figure with a green lightsaber began to slice and dice his way thru the Dark Trooper horde until finally he was the hallway leading to the bridge. He put on full display of his force powers and saber skills. The team opened the blast doors and welcomed the newcomer with apprehension. He threw his hood back and longtime Star Wars fans thoughts were confirmed, Luke Skywalker had arrived!
The ending scene is an emotional one. It was time for Grogu to go and learn the ways of the Jedi, however he had formed a powerful bond with Djarin. He signaled that he wanted to see his face and Djarin broke his creed once again and lifted his helmet, showing his face to his foundling in the presence of others. This is a highly emotional scene that I think many fans were overjoyed to see. This simple act of compassion sparks a new set of quests for The Mandalorian that we will enjoy in season three!

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