Season 2, Episode 5 – Entombed

This week’s episode is about a classical treasure hunt gone wrong. Wrecker and Omega are looking for a spare compressor, when Omega grabs up some items, she finds interesting. Back at Cid’s Parlor, they decide to inspect their findings. One of Cid’s friends, Phee Genoa decides to inspect the items as well, when something catches her eye. Phee, a self-described treasure hunter, notices that one of the oval shaped objects is actually a compass of some sort. It led to an off the charts system. Phee’s mind began to calculate .

Hunter had been listening to Phee go on and on about her supposed past exploits. He was not impressed. However, seeing the gleam in Omega’s eye seemed to have affected him and he agreed to go treasure hunting.
The treasure hunters all head out to a little-known system called the Kaldar Trinary. Upon landing on the designated planet, the team immediately notices the charred vegetation all around them. The planet was desolate. The compass led them to a mountain. They figured out how to get inside where they were confronted with their next puzzle. It was clear that the structure inside the mountain was over 1000 years old. It was at this point that Phee revealed that they were looking for the Heart of the Mountain. She had known all along.
Over the course of the episode, the team is confronted with several puzzles and mind games. The compass turned out to be pivotal in solving every problem, until they reached their last doorway. Once the doorway was opened, they could see the heart of the mountain. Phee slid down the structure and made her way to the blueish stone. When she pulled the stone out, the structure began to move. After the team regained their bearings, they realized they were inside some ancient walking destructive device. The ancient machine was emitting a steady stream of plasma, burning everything in its path. Fearing the loss of their ship, the team worked together to put the heart of the stone back where they got it.
The whole team made it with the exception of Phee’s droid. However, Phee had built in redundancy and always saved her droid’s memory core in a safe place so that she could rebuild the droid when needed. Once again, the teams treasure hunting hopes were dashed. Any ideas what the ancient walker really was? Who built it? Was it the cause for the devastation on the planet? Will these mysteries be revealed over the course of the season?

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