Season 1, Episodes 3: Choices

Season 1, Episode 3: Choices

Master Windu and Master Dooku travel to Raxus Secundus (also known as Raxus) to transport the remains of Jedi Master Katri back to the Jedi Temple. Dooku has already put his calculating mind to work, much to Windu’s chagrin. Dooku struggles with the fact that Master Katri was killed in an ambush but the Senator she was guarding managed to escape. He wants to know more. For some reason, the Jedi Council feels that learning more is a local problem rather than galactic one.

In this episode we see how blind the Jedi Council has become. They are not alarmed by the manner of Master Katri’s death. They did not wish to investigate it. Dooku was right to seek answers and the Council was wrong to criticize him for it. 


Raxus is the center of several major story lines throughout Star Wars lore including the assassination attempt on Count Dooku by Master Vos and Asajj Ventress. This story is explained in Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. Senator Avi Singh was also extracted from Raxus by the Bad Batch during the initial Imperial occupation.

Dooku insists on visiting the scene of what he perceives to be a murder. Master Windu is also troubled by what he observes and hears but would rather follow protocol. Once again, another failing of the Jedi Council. They insist on debating issues that should be left at the discretion of the Jedi who are on scene.   


Dooku’s insightful critical mind quickly deduces what happened. He understands how difficult it is to surprise a Jedi. He also noted the angle of the blaster burns on the tree. Dooku ignites his saber demanding the truth. It becomes clear that a rebel faction had infiltrated the Raxus guards, and killed Master Ketri. 

Dooku and Windu quickly dispatched the guards, and their combat droids showing off their mastery of the force. They learned that Senator Larik had become corrupt according to the rebels. They killed Master Ketri and spared Larik in order to put forth their own agenda. Then, the rebel said something that should have alarmed the Jedi Council. “Jedi are lap dogs of the Senate, their bidding always comes first. Thru out the galaxy, the Jedi claim to keep the peace, but really only keep law and order for the rich.” This perception should have been given much more meditation and examination. This perception fed Dooku’s latent dark side tendencies.
Unfortunately, Dooku’s suspicious mind continued to work when he realized that Master Windu was offered Master Ketri’s council seat. He felt a sense. of bitterness. For all his good qualities, his arrogance fed his latent dark side tendencies which ultimately led him to Sidious.

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