The Marshal

Reflections on Chapter 9, The Marshal

Quest. Honor. Growth. This is one of my favorite chapters in the whole series. This chapter ties in many of the elements from A New Hope and the Phantom Menace. It is fitting that this chapter brings us back to Tatooine, where our Star Wars journey began.
The Marshal 1

The story opens with Dinn Djarin meeting an Abyssin gangster named Gor Koresh at his fighting pit on a remote planet.  Apparently, Koresh liked to hunt Mandalorian’s for their armor.  He and his thugs finally met their match.  The opening scenes also treated us to a pair of Gamorreans fighting.  Interesting enough, these Gamorreans looked svelte in comparison to the Gamorreans we saw in Return of the Jedi.


The Mandalorian’s quest takes him to Tatooine and eventually Mos Pelgos.  Here, is where we meet the name-sake for the chapter, Cobb Vanth.  His back story is eventually revealed.  However, we first encounter him in the Aftermath trilogy written by Chuck Wendig.  Dave Filoni decided to include this character in the Mandalorian.

The Marshal 2

Chapter 9 brings together a reunion of sorts. Timothy Olyphant plays the Marshal in Chapter 9. This isn’t Timothy Olyphant’s first rodeo playing a law man. He has carried the role of a lawman starting with Gone in 60 Seconds, then on to Deadwood and finally as Marshal Raylon Givens in Justified. In chapter 9, Olyphant reunites with W. Earl Brown, known best for his role as the bartender and enforcer at the Gem Saloon in HBO’s Deadwood. Once again both actors slide into their roles, re-enforcing the idea that the Mandalorian is a space western.


When the Marshall first stepped thru the Cantina doorway, a chill went down everyone’s spine. Everyone wondered, is that Boba Fett? The armor was ill fitting and the man under it was too skinny. The armored man introduced himself as Cobb Vanth. Once Dinn Djarin realized Vanth was not a Mandalorian, he was duty bound to secure the armor himself. Vanth was aware this might happen. Dinn hesitated to act just long enough for the menace of Mos Pelgos to arrive. Dinn, realizing that Cobb Vanth was important to the community, accepted Vanth’s offer to help him kill the krayt dragon in exchange for the armor.

The Marshal 3

Obi Wan Kenobi is the first to introduce us to the sounds of the krayt dragon in the opening scenes of A New Hope.  As the krayt dragon attacked the town, we hear those the dragon’s chilling wail once again.


Obi Wan Kenobi also taught us that the Sand People travel in single file to hide their numbers.  We saw this in action during this chapter as the Tuskens marched their banthas and people single file wherever they went.


Sand People aren’t that bad…they have dogs.  Dinn Djarin was able to communicate with both their version of dogs and the Tuskens themselves in order to secure a pact to kill the krayt dragon. 

The Marshal 4

The people of Mos Pelgos banded together with the Tuskens to finally destroy the krayt dragon.  All their plans came to naught.  In the end, it was the Mandalorian that single handedly killed the krayt dragon, sacrificing his life to do so.  Given this honorable kill, one must wonder if his signet should change to the skull of the krayt dragon?


Another piece of Star Wars lore was unveiled when the Tuskens found a giant pearl.  Krayt dragon pearls have been known to be used in light sabers as they start off from a kyber crystal. 

The Marshal 5

Cobb Vanth and Dinn Djarin earned each other’s respect.  They both held up their end of the bargain, embraced and departed each other’s company as friends.  Dinn Djarin is learning to live by his code by applying different aspects of it to the problem at hand.  One Mandalorian might have just fought Vanth for the Armor.  Djarin chose a different path.  He struck a deal, and honored the deal, sacrificing life and limb in the process.


The Chapter closes with a scared clone staring at Dinn Djarin speeding away with his new armor.  Is that Boba Fett?  If so, what has he been up to….how did he lose the armor…what has he been doing for the last 5 years since the destruction of the death star….

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