Season 3, Episode 15 – The Cavalry Has Arrived

As the team makes its way thru the forest, Omega’s plan begins to unfold.  Using the skills learned from Tech and Echo, Omega disables and reprograms the research droid.  The droid stuns Dr. Scalder, allowing Omega and the rest of the children to escape their confinement thru the walls.

The next stage of Omega’s plan creates massive chaos.  The Empire has been hiding a massive Zillo Beast in the bowels of Mount Tantiss.  Omega releases the beast to split the Imperials attention and effectuate an easier escape.  

Knowing that Clone Force 99 is about to infiltrate, Dr. Hemlock activates his Dark Clone Troopers to hunt down and capture the Bad Batch.  They are eventually captured, and Crosshair’s shaking hand will trouble him no more.  Emerie and Echo meet up with Omega and the children.  We all breathed a sigh of relief when Emerie escapes Mount Tantiss with the children.  

Dr. Hemlock’s myopic sadistic mind becomes his undoing.  While attempting to recondition the minds of the Bad Batch, he is unaware that Emerie and the children escaped.  

Omega and Echo release all the clones and prisoners.  The clones help Omega and Echo free the Bad Batch, while Nala Se seemingly destroys all the research on project necromancer.  I say seemingly as Mount Tantiss may not have been the only repository for some of this research.

Dr. Hemlock realizes he is undone and attempts to make his escape.  Crosshair makes one last critical shot, and Omega is finally free.

During this episode, Crosshair tried to convince the team that he was going to execute plan 99, but Hunter and Wrecker refused.  They rightly realized that Omega would need all three of them to raise her.  She grew up to be a beautiful young lady with a frightening array of skills.  Those skills will be put to good use for the Rebellion.  

This last episode left several unanswered questions.  How does Commander Wolffe leave the Empire and join Rex?  What happens to Asajj Ventress?  How did she survive her “death” bringing her into this story line in the first place? What does she move on to do?  Finally, is Mount Tantiss ever reopened? Will we see Grand Admiral Thrawn make a trip to Mount Tantiss, as we did in the Legends Novel, “Heir to the Empire”? Will Dave Filoni take the time to answer any of these thru his wonderful story telling?

The end of the show was incredibly appropriate and in keeping with George Lucas’s vision for Star Wars. We must all remember that Star Wars is meant to give hope. Star Wars has always been a kids show. Lucas believes that a kids show should always end with a hopeful message. I believe this last episode accomplished that.  

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