Season 1, Episode 10 – Common Ground

This episode helps the Bad Batch cement their thought process on who the real enemy is. Old enemies and old alliances are not what they used to be. Cid and Omega gain a much better understanding of each other. Now for my 12 points.
  1. Raxus: This is the setting for this week’s episode.  It is the former headquarters of the Separatist Senate.  This planet was featured in several episodes of the Clone Wars as well as Dark Disciple, a Clone Wars novel about Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress’s attempt to assassinate Count Dooku.


  1. Raxus Senator Avi Singh: He is forced into a catch-22 scenario.  He must decide what is best for his people versus what is best for himself.  Choosing what is best for himself means his people suffer willingly under despotic rule.  Choosing what is best for his people means open rebellion, and a life on the run.  He made his decision quickly to the detriment of his immediate self-interest. 


  1. Sinister Empire: The Empire’s control over the galaxy is growing.  They are enforcing marshal law across the galaxy.  Senators are becoming puppets.  If they refuse, they are considered dissidents and treated accordingly.  A few brave individuals are calling the Empire out for what it is, an occupying force.   


  1. Protective Hunter: Tech advises the team should keep a low profile. More to the point, Omega needs to keep a low profile.  As far as the Bad Batch knows, both Fennic Shand and Cad Bane are after Omega.  Hunter and the team do not want to expose her to any more danger than is necessary.  Cid offers to take care of Omega, and Hunter reluctantly agrees. 
  1. Clone Crisis of Conscious: When the team learns they are to rescue a former Separatist Senator, they immediately balk.  They have spent their entire lives fighting the Separatists.  Now, to help clear their debt to Cid, they are being asked to rescue “the enemy.”  Ultimately survival rules their decision-making process.  They are still wary.  Echo is very skeptical.  However, Tech applies logic pointing out that the client being a Separatist is not relevant.
  1. Omega: Tiny does not like being left behind.  She wants to go on missions with her team.
  1. Omega and Cid: Cid recognizes Omega is having a hard time.  She offers some interesting advice.  Life isn’t fair.  If you don’t like it, stop pouting and do something about it.  Cid also implied that Omega needs to make herself a valuable commodity to the team in order to not be left behind.  This left Omega thinking….
  1. Infiltration: The Bad Batch are masters of asymmetric warfare.  They use stealth, guile and cunning to accomplish their aims.  When that fails, they resort to a combination of brute strength and strategy.  Note how they do their best to not kill the Clone Troopers.  Weapons are set to stun.  Hand to hand combat tactics used are meant to disable, not kill.
  1. Dejarik: The first time we see this game is in Star Wars: A New Hope.  Dejarik is a holographic strategy game.  Each player has holographic figures used to fight their opponents’ figures.  Brute strength does not always determine the winner.  Omega shows that she has a natural aptitude for strategy.  She turns this aptitude into a money-making venture for not only herself, but for Cid as well.
  1. Interrogation Droid: The first time we see an interrogation droid is also in A New Hope. Apparently, the Imperial officer wishes to obtain vital information from Senator Singh.  One can only speculate what that vital information is…
  1. Improvisation: When the Bad Batch’s infiltration is discovered, they must come up with a new exit strategy. Commandeering a Walker, they encounter some difficulties.  Listening to Senator Singh, they were able to find a unique and secret way out of trouble.
  1. Debt Settled: Omega showed her worth to the team. First, she made enough money for Cid to settle the team’s debt with her.  Second, she showed them that she is a young master of strategy.  Hunter was initially upset with Omega’s seemingly high-profile gaming.  When he realized what Omega did for them, he rethought his position.  Wrecker made sure.  With their debt paid, what will the team do next?  Will they continue to work with Cid?  Or, will they look for a place to hideout?

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  1. An interesting episode which showed us how the Empire took over planets.
    It’s a matter of sink or swim for the former planet leaders, who become either puppets of the Imperial oppressors or have to bear the consequences if not.
    Has someone seen Senator Avi Singh’s resemblance to the Emperor Francis-Joseph (Austro-Hungarian emperor, 1830-1916)?

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