Season 1, Episode 11 – Devils Deal

This week’s episode centers around Ryloth and the Syndulla clan. There are only a few minutes of screen time for the Bad Batch as a whole. For those that are familiar with Star Wars Rebels, this episode is an origin story for a very important character in the Star Wars story arc. Now for my 12 points!
  1. Ryloth: This is the home world of the Tw’lek’s.  While mostly hot and humid, the planet has a diverse geology consisting of mountain ranges, snow plains, temperate forests, and deserts.  Generally, Tw’leks live in cave cities due to the dangerousness of the planet’s indigenous wildlife.  Over the centuries Ryloth has been the Hutt’s favorite planet to procure slaves and to engage in the spice trade.  Ryll is their main planetary export.  Ryll is a mineral used for medicinal recreational purposes.


  1. Twi’lek: Twi’lek’s first appeared in the Star Wars Canon during Return of the Jedi.  They are tall, generally fit and highly intelligent humanoids.  Their tentacle head tails, also known as lekku, are their most prominent physical feature.    Lekku serves purposes that are both sensual and cognitive.  They are also known to store memories.  Twi’lek skin comes in many variations of blue, red, yellow, orange, and green.  Given that they live primarily in caves on Ryloth, their eyes are adapted to see in the dark.  They are a fiercely independent people, tired of slavery and occupation.  They are not afraid to fight for what they believe is right.


  1. Cham Syndulla: He was the leader of the Twi’lek resistance during the Clone Wars.  He is highly respected by all his followers.


  1. Hera Syndulla: She is Cham’s daughter.  Hera is highly independent.  Her number one aspiration in life is to be a pilot.  Eventually she achieves her dream, piloting her starship, The Ghost (a Correllian VCX-100).  Currently in canon, she is a General in the New Republic Navy.  For more on Hera, watch Star Wars Rebels, read the new Marvel Comic Star Wars Series, and read the Alphabet Squadron Trilogy by Alexander Freed.
  1. Chopper: He is Hera’s droid.  This fan favorite is a rusty, crusty sarcastic astromech who gets into as much trouble as he gets out of.  He is Hera’s faithful companion and the key to her many escapes and successes.   For more on Chopper, watch Star Wars Rebels.


  1. Subtle Imperial Control: The episode opens with Orn Free Taa, Imperial Senator, speaking to the people of Ryloth, encouraging them to turn in their arms citing that the war is over, and that the Empire will protect them.  The people want to hear from Cham Syndulla.  Cham appears to support the measure and says as much.  However, his wife is subtly critical of the action.  Vice Admiral Rampart observes the interactions.  Orn Free Taa is happy to abrogate his people’s independence in order to keep his position and his wealth.  However, the Empire has a more sinister plan in mind.


  1. Dissidents in the Making: Crosshair notes that Gobi Glie and his fighters were at the assembly.  It seems that he or someone in Imperial intelligence identified Gobi as a potential problem to Imperial plans.  Crosshair and his team are tasked with observing Gobi’s movements.  Gobi is very skeptical of the newly formed Empire and sets Hera to conduct reconnaissance on a supposed Imperial mining operation.  Hera is caught, but saved by Captain Howzer, a clone commander who served with General Syndulla during the clone wars.


  1. Jealousy and Manipulation: Orn Free Taa is intimidated by Cham Syndulla.  It bothers him that the people would rather listen to Syndulla than himself.  He is likely worried about his own position as an Imperial Senator.  So, he labels Syndulla as a potential traitor and someone the Imperials should watch.  Whether he fears for his position, or really does think Syndulla would be a problem, Admiral Rampart exploits Taa’s information to his own ends.
  1. Delivery Boys: The Bad Batch deliver 3 dozen blasters and a case of thermal detonators to Gobi.  Hunter warns him that building an arsenal will attract attention.


  1. Omega Makes a Friend: Though Hera is chastised for spending time with Gobi, she gives in to the temptation to fly a starship and accompanies him to meet with the Bad Batch.  Disembarking from the Twi’lek starship, Hera was immediately enthralled with the Havoc Marauder.  She walked up to the ship to find Omega sitting there.  Omega invites Hera into the ship for a tour and a chat.  Their conversation is a bonding moment.


  1. Sinister Plan Hatched: Before Gobi took off, Crosshair shot a tracking beacon on to Gobi’s starship.  He was able to monitor their movements.  Hera’s involvement on this trip creates the opportunity the Admiral Rampart was looking for.  Taa orders her arrest.  Taa thinks he is starting to remove a piece of the chess board.  However, seizing Hera and finding her guilty of treason is too much for Cham Syndulla.  Cham attacks the convoy, holds the Senator and the Admiral hostage, and secures Hera.  The Admiral Rampart must have anticipated that Cham might have reacted in the way that he did.  Cham accused Taa of treason and it appeared that Cham was about to shoot him until Cham’s wife intervened.  Once the Syndulla clan stood down, Admiral Rampart signaled to a hidden Crosshair.  He had taken an overwatch position observing the whole scene.  At Admiral Rampart’s signal, Crosshair put a blaster bolt thru Taa’s head.   Subsequently Clone Troopers surrounded the Syndulla clan and arrested them.


  1. What Next?: Hera is on the run, and Captain Howzer has been assigned to track her down.  How will he react?  He clearly has affection for Hera.  Will Hera request the Bad Batch’s help?  Will Captain Howzer join the Bad Batch?  Or will he be a good Soldier? The next episode will likely put Crosshair and this former team at odds once again.

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