Season 1, Episode 9 – Bounty Lost

This episode begins to reveal all the speculation surrounding Omega. Who is she? Who is really on her side besides the Bad Batch? Now for my 12 points.
  1. Crosshair Misses His Mark. As the Bad Batch is being chased, Hunter hopes to find the bounty hunter who kidnapped Omega. The team convinces him that they need to make the jump to lightspeed despite not seeing the bounty hunter on their scopes.  With Crosshair bearing down on them, the team lives to fight another day. Crosshair is denied his quarry.


  1. A Friendly Ruse. Cad Bane’s inattentiveness to his droid Todo ultimately caused him to lose Omega.  She uses her natural friendliness to lure the hapless droid into a false sense of security.  She fixes his leg, then she deactivates him.


  1. Kaminoan Points of View. Lama Su recognizes that Nala Se has a personal connection and interest in Omega.  He assigns Taun We to secure Omega.  Nala Se is assigned to retrieve Omega’s genetic material, then terminate her.  Taun We is likely present to ensure Nala Se finishes the job. Nala Se has other plans.


  1. Cad Bane. The Bad Batch was able to quickly ascertain on their own who the bounty hunter was.  He was known to have run-ins with the Jedi.  He also is known for attempting to abduct Palpatine among other things.  I find it interesting that Cad Bane is hired for yet another kidnapping venture.  Remember he kidnapped Jedi younglings during the war.
  1. Another Unaltered Clone. Like Boba Fett, Omega is a completely unaltered clone, apparently raised and nurtured by Nala Se.  Boba was referred to as Alpha.  Omega is the 2nd and only other unaltered clone of Jango Fett.  At this point in the timeline of events, Boba Fett has not become notorious yet.  The Bad Batch showed no indication that they recognized him.  I suspect that will change and hope to see something of Boba Fett in the Bad Batch.


  1. A Lore Departure. The Bad Batch act as if they have never heard of Jango Fett.  One can only surmise that only a select few of the clones knew of Mandalorians.  It appears none were aware of Jango Fett.  This is a departure from the original expanded universe.
    Before the original expanded universe became Legends, it was well known that Jango Fett’s clones were indoctrinated in the basics of Mandalorian ways.  The ARC Troopers were trained by Jango himself.  The Clone Commandos and some of the Reg Commanders were taught by other Mandalorians recruited by Fett.  Now, Star Wars Canon only makes one reference of a Mandalorian training clones.  Fenn Rau apparently trained and led clone pilots as referred to in the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.


  1. An Unexpected Friend. Fennic Shand is back again.  She killed Taun We.  Nala Se paid Fennic Shand to secure Omega and protect her.  Fennic Shand finally catches up with Omega.  She explains in veiled terms what Lama Su wants to do to Omega while they were in the bowels of the research facility…surrounded by failed experiments.


  1. A Two Hunter Scrap. Fennic Shand and Cad Bane going head-to-head was a sight to see.  Shand is cunning, slippery and devious.  Bane has brute strength and an array of weapons.  Bane is also arrogant. He has good reason to be.  But his arrogance gets in his way.  He didn’t safeguard his ship from sabotage, allowing Shand and the Bad Batch to get away.
  1. Bora Vio. Apparently the Kaminoans had abandoned a research facility there.  It was interesting to see some of their failed experiments.  Omega was visibly disturbed by what she saw.  One has to wonder if this facility ends up playing into Emperor Palpatine’s schemes.


  1. Omega’s Resourcefulness. After disabling Todo, she secures her commlink and contacts the Bad Batch.  As the episode progresses, she continues to elude and evade multiple bounty hunters and Todo.  Her knowledge of Kaminoan technology serves her well.  Ultimately, she is able to escape and reconnect with the team.


  1. Reunion. The team is overjoyed to have Omega back.  She hugs Hunter for a long time.  She finally realizes why she is being hunted by the Kaminoans.  Understandably she does not want to be an experiment.


  1. Nala Se.  Nala Se has a genuine interest in Omega’s welfare.  All she wants is to keep Omega out of Lama Su’s hands, ultimately keeping her safe.  Remember, at the beginning of the series, Omega was wearing the same charm Nala Se wears. It will be interesting if Nala Se provides any additional assistance to Omega or the Bad Batch.

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