Season 1, Episode 12 – Rescue on Ryloth

This week’s episode centers on helping the Syndulla clan escape from Imperial control on Ryloth. The hallmarks of a successful rebellion showed up in this week’s episode. Plans are all well and good, however, Clone Force 99, Hera and Cham’s ability to improvise and overcome difficulties is what wins the day. Now for my 12 points!
  1. Manipulative Admiral: Admiral Rampart attempts to convince the Syndulla’s to help him find Hera. However, Hera’s parents know her well, and will not agree to Admiral Rampart’s request.  Securing Hera allows Admiral Rampart to put the whole family on trial and in his mind, ultimately bring Ryloth to heel.  Little does he know that through his actions, he is creating a larger insurgency for the Empire to deal with.


  1. Skeptical Howzer: He has grown very close to the Syndulla family.  At the mention of Hera’s name, Captain Howzer was visibly uncomfortable.  He also disagrees with rounding up supposed Syndulla sympathizers and imprisoning them.  Captain Howzer subtly confronted Admiral Rampart on who shot Senator Taa.  When he said he would find Hera Syndulla himself, Admiral Rampart told him that was not necessary.  Crosshair’s team is on the hunt. 


  1. Resourceful Hera: She knows just want to do in a crisis.  First, she effectively scouts the capital where her parents are being held.  She heads back to her father’s old hideout.  Then she contacts Clone Force 99 for assistance.  As a teenager, she is exhibiting cool thinking and action under pressure.


  1. The Debate: Omega works hard to convince the rest of the team that Hera needs help.  Omega is not afraid to state what she is thinking and feeling.  Her friend is in trouble, and she knows she and her brothers can help.  Tech is skeptical, citing children often overreact to things.  The team is not fully convinced.   However, Hunter decides to head to Ryloth when confronted with the simple fact that Soldiers help others who are in trouble. 
  1. Recon: Hunter and the team are briefed on the situation by Hera.  Still, unconvinced, Hunter wants to recon.  During their reconnaissance they observe Crosshair and his team.  The debate restarts.  Tech observes that the Empire is conducting an occupation operation on Ryloth.  This stuns the rest of the team.  They are still somewhat rooted in their old way of thinking…noting that Ryloth is not a Separatist planet.  The team’s presence on Ryloth becomes compromised after Hunter kills a probe droid.  With the element of surprise gone, what is the team to do?
  1. Realizations: Echo explains to Hera that her father is a threat to the Empire because the people will stand behind him.
  1. Logic vs Loyalty: Effective strategy means knowing your limitations.  How far can you stretch those limitations when you are trying to rescue your family?  Hunter believes the rescue is too risky.  Omega challenges Hunter to be more empathetic for others.
  1. Omega and Hera: Omega works to pick Hera up emotionally, giving her hope that her brothers will help.  They work together to formulate a plan to convince the rest of the team to act on Hera’s behalf.
  1. Humility: Once Hera presents the plan to Hunter and the team, Hunter approves.  His respect for Hera is shown when he states that they are following her lead.  Rightly so, Ryloth is her planet, and she is already showing the makings of the outstanding strategist she will grow up to be.


  1. Improvisation: Chopper’s inability to shut down the towers causes Omega to think fast.  Hera gets to fly, and a massive diversion is created.


  1. Howzer’s Sacrifice: Once the Syndulla Clan and freedom fighters are secure, Captain Howzer notices that Crosshair and his team have decided to not respond to the attack on the refinery. Howzer warns the Syndulla’s.  Then, he voices his distaste for the Empire’s actions to his Troopers asking who would support him, knowing he and those troopers would be arrested.  Will he survive his actions?  Will he be reconditioned much like Crosshair?


  1. Conflicted or Determined: Crosshair requests permission to hunt down Clone Force 99.  When permission is granted, Crosshair sits pondering.  He must be conflicted about hunting down his brothers.  His dedication to duty clashes directly with his loyalty to his brother.  Which will win out?

Bonus Thought:  Was a Jedi assigned to Ryloth during Order 66?  While not clear, there is little evidence to support the notion.  It is highly doubtful that the people of Ryloth would support an Empire policed by clones who murdered Jedi, the leaders of the Clone Army. 


Star Wars Rebels Easter Egg:  Tech showed Hera how to scramble their ship’s signature.  It appears that Tech is the author and technician for The Ghost’s code masking abilities.


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