Season 1, Episode 13 – Infested

We are back to Ord Mantell for this episode.  Cid finds herself in a compromised position.  The Bad Batch put Cid in a position to owe them one.  We also learn that Ord Mantell’s position in the galaxy leaves it a ripe stopping point for crime syndicates smuggling contraband.  It is a small wonder that the Empire has yet to police this planet up.  Now for our 12 points.

  1. Cid’s Out: The Bad Batch return from their latest mission to find that a young, up and coming Devaronian Crime Lord has taken over Cid’s Bar and claimed Ord Mantell as his territory.  Roland Durand is Cid’s former client.  He commissioned her to secure Ruby, the baby lizard.  The Bad Batch accomplished that mission a few episodes ago.  Now Roland is seeking to make a name for himself at Cid’s expense.


  1. The Plan: Cid finds out that Roland is expecting a buyer for some spice he is storing at Cid’s bar. Cid wants to steal the spice and let the Pikes take out Roland and his crew when he is unable to pay them.


  1. Mining Tunnels: Cid leads the Bad Batch to mining tunnels underneath the city to take them to her bar.  They must use old mining carts to get to a secret entrance to Cid’s back office.


  1. Creature of the Week: The catch to this whole mission is that the team must pass thru bug infested caverns.  If they are too loud, they will be swarmed and possibly killed. 
  1. Diversion: Cid employs her Weequay and Ithorian patrons at her bar to lure Ruby away from Roland so that she and the Bad Batch can steal the spice uninterrupted.  It was a great diversion poorly executed.


  1. Swarmed: It didn’t take long for Roland and his men to find the hidden tunnels.  During the chase, both parties made a lot of noise, waking up the cavern’s bugs.  Tech figured out that the light keeps the bugs at bay.  During their escape, they managed to lose the spice.


  1. Retribution: The Pikes reacted as Cid anticipated.  They annihilated Roland’s crew.


  1. Unintended Consequences: Cid and the Bad Batch return to the bar to find the Pikes and Roland waiting on them.  The Pikes…want their spice.  They provide an ugly incentive to encourage positive performance.
  1. Back to the Caverns: The Bad Batch flies to the caverns and hover, while Cid and Wrecker attach hoist cables to a harness and drop into the caverns to secure the spice. While they are conducting their mission, Tech builds a light bomb anticipating a potential swarm problem.


  1. Omega Makes a Friend: Omega and Roland were held together in their binder cuffs. Roland was pleased and surprised that Ruby was comfortable with Omega.


  1. A Price Must Be Paid: When it appeared that they would kill Roland, Omega spoke up for him.  Cid jumped in and appealed to their logic.  The Pikes may or may not have relented.  In any case, they exacted a heavy penalty against Roland, but didn’t kill him.


  1. Loyalty: Cid felt bad for putting Omega in a compromising position.  She has a rough and gruff demeanor, but she is all soft on the inside.

Bonus Thoughts:  All in all, the episode appears to be a filler episode.  However, nothing in Star Wars is just filler.  There is always a reason behind the story told.  Perhaps the Durand Crime Syndicate will become allies or even employers of the Bad Batch.  One thing is clear, Cid’s role is to be an information broker.  Those of us that have read Timothy Zahn’s original Thrawn Trilogy are familiar with Talon Karrde, information broker and smuggler.  Cid does not quite have the breadth or depth of Karrde’s organization, but employing the Bad Batch is a good start.  It seems Dave Filoni is attempting to bring the information broker concept back as he tells the Bad Batch’s story. 

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  1. I must admit that I was rather expecting the story arc with Howzer to continue, but this was also a good episode.
    It was amazing to see how much the boys are listening to their little sister, when she convinced them to help Cid.
    Fun fact: The German version is titled “Besessen” which means “obsessed”. It doesn’t fit in the slightest if it comes to the story, but it isn’t the first time the translation is off.

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