Bad Batch S1 E15 - Return to Kamino

Season 1, Episode 14 – War Mantle

This week’s episode took a darker tone. The transition to the Empire as we know it in A New Hope is well on its way. More links to Star Wars Rebels are revealed. The show ends with a major cliff hanger. Now for my 12 points!

  1. Creature of the Week:   In the opening scene of this week’s episode, we are reacquainted with the massiff.  These are the same reptilian creatures used as guard animals by the Tusken Raiders.  They have been scene in Attack of the Clones as well as Chapter 9 of The Mandalorian.  Apparently, the Empire used them to hunt down deserters.


  1. Planet of the Week:   This planet is like Endor in that it is forested, situated in the Outer Rim and used by the Empire as a secret base.  There are no “known” settlements or installations on this planet, according to Tech.  Daro is the setting for this week’s episode.


  1. War Mantle: Project War Mantle is the Empire’s initiative to recruit and train individuals as storm troopers and pilots for the Empire.  ARC Troopers and Commandos were the original trainers of this new imperial army.


  1. CC5576: This is ARC Captain Gregor.  We become much more familiar with him in Star Wars Rebels.  He has the chuckles.  He also has a conscious.  Tasked with training recruits meant to be the clone’s replacements, he began to understand the Empire’s real plan for the clone army.
  1. Rex: He is much more heavily involved in thwarting the Empire’s plans than meets the eye.  It seems he is on the front lines of creating and supporting a rebel cell.  He also is interested in salvaging as many clone troopers as possible.


  1. Clones vs Storm Troopers: There really isn’t a comparison.  Clone Troopers were raised from birth over a 10-year period to be combat Soldiers.  Then they fought across the galaxy for 3 years.  The original clone troopers are battle hardened veterans.  Imperial Storm Troopers are recruits, fueled by a belief that they are making the galaxy a better place.  They are not as skillfully or artfully trained as the clone troopers.  They also lack the battle-hardened experience of a clone trooper.


  1. The Debate: Once again Hunter must be convinced to act.  He is very cautious.  He wants to protect the team.  Putting them in harm’s way carelessly is the last thing Hunter wants to do.


  1. The Fate of the Clone Troopers: The Empire is planning something big for the Clone Troopers.  It is unclear what exactly it is, but it does not appear that the Empire wishes to keep them around any longer than they must.  Their replacements are already being trained.
  1. Imperial Changes: Echo found out the hard way that clone codes will not work on an Imperial base.  Additionally, the introduction of the TK series trooper is announced.  Did you notice the similarities of the new Imperial base interior with the Death Star interior?


  1. Death of a Society? Lama Su read the writing on the wall a bit too late.  Will the rest of Kaminoan Society survive?


  1. Clone Commandos: As a veteran of the Republic Commando video game, it was a jolt to see Commando Troopers in this episode.  They looked very sterile in their white polished armor.  Individually they didn’t perform well against the Bad Batch.  The only way to defeat the Bad Batch is with swarming numbers.


  1. Hunter’s Sacrifice: He missed his jump and fell hundreds of feet down the mountain. He would not allow the team to fight to keep him from getting captured.  His fate is very much in doubt.  Crosshair paid him a visit.  Is Hunter to be reconditioned or merely executed?  Is it possible that Rex, the Martez Sisters, Fennec Shand and Roland all team up with the Bad Batch to save Hunter?


  1. Have you listened carefully to the music of this episode? When the Bad Batch is in the Imperial installation, there are some citations of music which John Williams composed for the Death Star scenes in Star Wars (later Star Wars A New Hope). In my opinion it gave a nice touch to the whole atmosphere of those scenes with our heroes.

    1. Indeed. The music in this episode really set the tone for the viewers. I did notice hints of the music in A New Hope. I also noted the communications room was almost identical to the one we saw in A New Hope.

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