Season 1, Episode 4: The Sith Lord

This is a culmination episode. It answers a few questions and adds a few more. We get to see how the Kamino data was erased from the Jedi Archives. I thought it was interesting that it was erased at the same time Qui Gon Jinn returned from his initial battle with Darth Maul.

This episode is all about the final fall of Count Dooku. Dooku reflects on his former student as he stands in front of the uneti tree. The depth of his relationship with Qui Gon Jinn shines thru during his last meeting with him and upon his death. Qui Gon Jinn’s attunement to the living force now makes a lot of sense, given that he is from Coruscant. He had little exposure to it growing up on Coruscant, so he studied and sought it out in the far corners of the galaxy. Dooku is conflicted, knowing he played a part in his student’s death. He is also conflicted because the Jedi Order failed to see what was plainly in front of them. An insightful Master Yaddle notices the turmoil within Dooku and attempts to comfort him. Not satisfied with his answers, she decides to follow him to her ultimate doom.
The Sith are masters at turning your own thoughts and words to their ends. “Remember what you told me, Jedi blindly serve a corrupt Senate that fails the Republic it represents.” Dooku heard these thoughts years earlier on Raxus and they clearly stuck with him. Dooku wins his duel with Master Yaddle, sealing his fate and fall to the dark side of the force.
A question remains. Why wasn’t Master Yaddle’s death investigated? Was she simply deemed as missing? She was a former council member and a high-profile member of the order.

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