Season 1, Episode 6 - The Eye

Season 1, Episode 6 – The Eye: Andor / The Outer Rim Outpost

Suspense, Victory, Loss, Betrayal. This week’s episode is filled with suspense and action. Even the lead up to the action is suspenseful as we watch the chess pieces on the board being set. It is interesting listening to the Imperials discuss the primitive people. It makes one wonder if these were the types of discussions the colonial leaders had when they came to America. The Imperials plied the locals with alcohol as they made their journey to the temple to celebrate “The Eye”, picking them off one by one using their own lusts and desires against them. Sound familiar?
The Rebel cell did their homework. They conducted numerous rehearsals. They were ready. Though they appear to have never conducted a mission together, they worked together with the precision of a special forces team. They infiltrated the enemy. They cut off communications from reinforcements. They also found a way to make the enemy work for them. These are all classic hallmarks of a special force’s operation. Perhaps the coolest part of the mission came when Vel Sartha and Cinta Kaz pulled off some SEAL maneuvers. Using a swimmer delivery vehicle they made their way deep under water to the dam, scaled it and eventually rappelled to their point of entry.

It was interesting to see that the internal family strife within Commandant’s Jayhold Beehaz’s family. His wife and son clearly don’t care for his position. There are other signs from some of the other troopers indicating internal unrest about their post. Are these possible seeds of Rebellion? 


Every mission will usually have something unexpected happen. Training and planning help maximize the chances for mission success when things appear to unexpectedly break down. The Rebels mission broke down at two points. First when they first entered the dam and the Imperial engineer decided to be brave resulting in his death. Second, when the comm’s officer finally realized there was a problem and walked in on the ending stages of the heist. The resulting battle cost the lives of Taramyn Barcona, Lieutenant Gorn and eventually Karis Nemik.

The Eye is simply a massive meteor shower that happens once every three years and is celebrated by the local primitive people. This is the cover needed for the Rebels to escape the planet. It is important because they knew TIE fighters would eventually be scrambled to shoot them down once Alkenzi Air Command realized there was an issue. It was cool to see TIE fighter pilots board their fighters and take off. It reminded me of an episode of Star Wars Rebels when Wedge decided to leave the Imperials with Sabine. The Rebel team correctly surmised the TIE fighters could not navigate “The Eye”.
Nemik gamely provided guidance to Andor to navigate “The Eye”. What happened to Nemik was preventable. Unfortunately, the Rebel team didn’t have time to secure the last pallet of credits and when they took off, he somehow was crushed by the unsecure pallet. Nevertheless, Vel gave him an adrenaline spike and he was able to provide navigation data to Andor as he flew through “The Eye”.

Arvel Skeen showed his true colors. He used Nemik’s need for medical attention to attempt to steal the heist for himself. He lied about his origins. He intended to take the payroll for himself but he didn’t account for the fact that Cassian Andor has a code. Andor did the job he was hired to do. He wasn’t going to allow the sacrifices of the Rebel cell go unrewarded. Cassian’s quick draw rewarded Skeen’s betrayal.


80 million credits stolen in one night will reverberate throughout the galaxy. It will be the spark that lights the fire. How will the Imperials respond? Will we see Cinta and Vel again? Where will Cassian go? Six more episodes to go!

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