Season 1, Episode 6 – Decommissioned

The Empire looms. As the Galactic Empire is quickly taking shape, the last remnants of the Separatist Forces are being tossed into the forge and melted down for future use in planets across the Galaxy. Corellia is one such planet. The Bad Batch are tasked to retrieve a tactical droid brain. At this stage of galactic history, the Clones were the first stormtroopers. Learning how to defeat them has become a valuable commodity for many interested parties. Now for my 12 points.
  1. The episode starts off with Omega learning how to use her newly acquired weapon. It appears to be some sort of bolt thrower.  Omega had some trouble with the weapon system, however Echo teaches her the value of practice and dealing with distractions in combat.  Leave it to Cid to explain she needs to build her arm strength in order to be effective with the weapon.  By the end of the show, when the chips are down, Omega shows off what she has learned.
  1. Tech has a new nick name: Goggles!
  1. “You make money I make money…and I watch your back.” Cid confirms my suspicions.  She wants the Bad Batch to do jobs for her in return for her shelter and intelligence.
  1. The Bad Batch are showing off a few of their old tricks. In this episode they attached the Havoc Marauder to the bottom of a freighter and powered down the ship to go into the atmosphere unnoticed.  Han Solo executed a similar maneuver in the Empire Strikes Back.
  1. Easter Eggs: Did you notice how the atmosphere around the yards of Corellia was much the same as in Solo?  How about those police droids?  We saw something very similar being destroyed in Jabbas Palace in Return of the Jedi.


  1. Rafa and Trace Martez are back! They interfered with the Bad Batch’s mission.  However, when things got rough, they didn’t leave Omega to die.  It was nice to see the Silver Angel still flying!


  1. During Attack of the Clones, we saw how the droids were assembled in factories on Geonosis. The droids were being melted down in almost the opposite fashion.


  1. Wrecker:  Last week I discussed Wrecker’s headaches.  As I suspected, his inhibitor chip is acting up. When his head was hit hard enough, the phrase “Good Soldiers” was uttered.  This is the same phrase we heard out of Cross Hair at the beginning of the season.  Wrecker was knocked unconscious.  While unconscious you could hear his thoughts…he was fighting the voice…but the voice was saying “Good Soldiers Follow Orders.”  When he came to, he was his old self.  Let’s hope Echo finds a way to cure the inhibitor chip issue, sooner than later.
  1. Using Clankers to win the Day is a bit ironic. Rafa comes up with the idea to use the droids in the destruction foundry to defend against the police droids.  Tech uses his technical prowess to make the idea work.
  1. Who are the Martez Sisters working for? Is it possible they did a job for Saw Gerrera?  Or is it Bail Organa?
  1. Did Echo make a copy of the droid brain for the Bad Batch as well? If not, how will Cid reward the Bad Batch’s failure?
  1. “I have heard that before”. Rafa asked Hunter why they are not fighting for the Empire.  In short, he said they are different.  Rafa’s quip is a reference to Ahsoka…when she stated she is different.  She does not necessarily follow the Jedi path any longer, just like the Bad Batch does not fight for a particular government any longer.

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