Season 1, Episode 7 – Battle Scars

The underlying theme of this first season is coming to a head. Wrecker’s headaches will be solved, and a familiar face is back in action. Finally, harbingers of the future are being set. Now for my 12 points.
  1. Fireworks! The Bad Batch steals a baby lizard from thieves and have to fly themselves thru a fire fight!  Echo seems to have firmly cemented himself as the ships engineer while Tech flies and provides witty commentary on Echo’s progress fixing various problems with the ship, in this case, the hyperdrive.
  1. Tradition: Wrecker takes Omega out for mantell mix after every successful mission.  Given that Cid has been billed for 20 cartons of mantell mix, one can fairly deduce that the Bad Batch have been on at least 10 missions for Cid, prior to this episode.
  1. Rex: He is back and he is understandably wary.  Trace and Rafa Martez somehow hooked up with Rex.  That is how he was able to find the Bad Batch so quickly.  When he realizes that the Bad Batch still have their inhibitor chips he impresses upon the team the need to get them removed.    There is an interesting dynamic between the team and Rex.  They still recognize him as an authority figure and are willing to listen and follow his lead.
  1. Cid: Nothing is for free.  The team wracks up quite an overhead.  The list includes docking fees, port charges, gear, fuel, rations, and mantell mix.
  1. Fives: Rex regretfully informs Echo that Fives tried to warn him about the chips.  It is clear that Rex wishes he would have been more tuned in and questioning about the chips when he first heard about them from Fives.
  1. Scrap Planet: The team travels to Bracca, a planet littered with junkyards.  At this point in galactic history, the Scrapper Guild controlled the planet.  The team traverses the junkyard to a mostly intact Veneter Cruiser in order to use its medical bay to remove the inhibitor chips from the team.
  1. The Creature of the Week is a Dianoga. The first time we see this creature in the Star Wars universe is in the garbage of the first Death Star.   Hunter recognizes something is under the water.  Wrecker eventually finds out what it is.
  1. Omega: She is very tuned in to her overall position.  If something happens to the team, she would be all alone.  That prospect scares her and likely influences many of her actions.
  1. Order 66: This order has a strong overriding effect on anyone infected with the chip.   Once the chip finally activates and effects the brain, the chip takes over.  Wrecker and Rex’s comments after having the chip removed show that the effected Clone is conscious of what he is doing, and watches his body carry out the inhibitor chips orders in great terror and dismay.
  1. Bonds: Wrecker tried to control the chip.  He could not make it stop.  He apologizes profusely to Omega.  She hands him some mantel mix, stating the mission is over, and that they can’t break tradition.  It is clear that she is bonding with not only Hunter, but Wrecker as well.
  1. Harbinger: When Rex leaves, we see two Scrappers observing what they term as intruders.  They inform the Empire of their discovery.  I predict we see Crosshair in the next episode with his batch of highly trained commandos.  However, many questions remain.  If my prediction is true, will they capture Omega?  Will the team kill off Crosshair’s team, stun Crosshair and remove his chip…welcoming him back to the team?
  1. Questions: Where has Rex really been?  Where is he going to?  Why do we see him 15 years later hiding out on a dusty far away planet?  Many questions.  Hopefully the show will give us some answers.

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