Season 1, Episode 6: Resolve

The last episode seeks to explain how Ahsoka became known as Fulcrum. Bail Organa spots and confronts her in a side hallway at Padme’s funeral. He leaves her with some words of wisdom, an encrypted commlink and an open door should she ever need it.

Imperial propaganda has infected the youth of the galaxy. Peace and order will occur for all those who comply and do not rebel. Sounds like a free society, right? Ashla (also known as Ahsoka) is seeking to remake her life as a farmer. Unfortunately, peace tends to flee the warrior. Ignorance is bliss as well.
Ashla befriends a young farmer after saving her life. Her brother overhears his sister talking to Ashla and deduces that she must be a Jedi. Ashla and the farmer head off to the market. Upon their return, they find the farm in flames. The foolish boy is now confronted with the reality and evils of the new Empire as an Inquisitor exacts his violence on the hapless farm.
It took a minute for the Inquisitor to recognize Ahsoka for who she was. This leads one to believe that this particular Inquisitor was a member of the Jedi order. Ahsoka dispatched the Inquisitor very quickly. Unfortunately, we do not learn the identity of the Inquisitor.

Ahsoka contacts Bail to evacuate the survivors of the burned-out farm. She also decides to rejoin the fight….


Who is the inquisitor? Will we see Ahsoka in Bad Batch episodes? Will she recruit Clones to help arm and train a new army of rebels? Will she continue her force studies? So many questions.

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