Season 2, Episode 6 – Tribe

Star Wars continues to introduce new characters and concepts. This week we are introduced to the Vanguard Axis, a seemingly new criminal organization populated by droids. While the droids were examining chain codes made by Tech, Omega makes a new friend causing conflict between the Bad Batch and the Vanguard Axis.

Omega’s new friend apparently is from the Jedi temple, likely a former padawan. Understandably, the Wookie was apprehensive about the clones. I wonder who the Vanguard Axis intended to sell the Wookie too? Vader? Inquisitors? Or someone else?
Gungi! That is the Bad Batch’s new friend. The group decided to take Gungi back to Kashyyyk in effort to reunite him with his people. Gungi was so young when he left for the Jedi temple that he remembered little about his home world. Still, his people recognized and wished to help him.
Creatures of the Week: Kinrath and Mylaya. Kinrath are the large arachnid creatures we observed in this week’s episode. They are intelligent. They can sense threats. If a passerby is peaceful, or means the kinrath no harm, they let them pass peacefully. Mylaya’s are a type of large cat used as mounts by Wookie’s to traverse the vast forests of Kashyyyk. This week’s episode is the first time we have seen or heard of Mylayas.
The Bad Batch observes Trandoshans who appear to be in league with the Empire. They are deforesting the land, mining the land and hunting for slave labor. Trandoshans hunt Wookies for sport and are a logical choice for this partnership with the Empire.
The Bad Batch finds a village and befriends the village leader, Yanna. During this segment, we learn a bit about Wookie mysticism. They believe Kashyyyk belongs to the trees, and they are allies with the trees. After communing with the trees, Gungi reports back to the Bad Batch with a plan.

The trees appear to have decided it’s best to set a trap. The Wookies and the Bad Batch lead the Trandoshans into a kinrath nest. The rest is history…at least for the Trandoshans.


Finding a peaceful place for Omega to grow up continues to be Hunter’s priority. However, events continue to steer his team into defending the helpless. I think we will see the Bad Batch be more involved in the new rebellion against the Empire.

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