Season 1, Episode 7 – Announcement: Andor / The Outer Rim Outpost

This episode introduces Admiral Yularen. As I discussed a few weeks ago, the ISB is much larger than the little board room of agents we have been observing for the last six shows. Admiral Yularen has decided to implement a tighter leash on all criminal behavior. As Dedra Meero correctly surmised, Admiral Yularen and the Emperor are playing directly into the Rebel’s hands, widening the “announcement” that a rebellion is now set in motion. The new measures will only strengthen the resolve of the current rebels. The suffering that ensues in the fallout of Aldhani will bring more and more recruits to the fold.

Cassian Andor is a hunted man. He is hunted by the Empire, hence his shaved face. He is now hunted by Luthen Rael and his organization as he is considered a risky loose end. Vel Sartha has been sent to deal with him. She does not seem terribly thrilled about it. At least he is not hunted by his friends as he paid off his debts with his newfound fortune.


Syril has exercised his uncle’s connection to take on a data processing job. He is motivated to clear his name. He still feels justified in his actions and he is looking for an opportunity to prove himself. His new boss apparently has the power to clear his name.

Mero is ambitious. She is also wise. She uses a new authority to track all missing avionics, com and navigational equipment galaxy wide. Her query caught Blevin’s attention. He decided to publicly humiliate her at the next staff meeting. His actions backfired. Major Partagaz privately warned Mero to watch her back after he publicly rewarded her efforts and reprimanded Blevins. It seems even the Imperial bureaucracy is not immune to backstabbing. Mero strikes me as the type of officer that Grand Admiral Thrawn would enjoy on his staff.
Despite the success of the Aldhani heist, Mon Mothma is seeking discreet access to her family fortune. 80 million credits are a good start to fund a rebellion. It is unclear what Mon Mothma is worth, but it must be an insane amount. She finds a new ally to enlist in her cause. It is interesting to see how the high-level pieces of the Rebellion are coming together.
Andor has learned that he cannot run away from the Empire. Secretly, I think he always knew that. Still, he attempted to run away from his problems. He is arrested as a criminal as he is merely walking along the street. The arrest is a symptom of a larger problem. The Emperor’s policy of suspect everyone has made his troops paranoid. They are arresting citizens on mere suspicion or for being at the wrong place at the wrong time like Andor was. His situation is ironic considering his adopted father was at the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed for it. Now Andor finds himself in a similar situation. A KX-Series droid is tasked to hold Andor in place while the Shore Trooper deals with another problem. Eventually Andor is sentenced, setting the next episode up for a possible prison heist.

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