Season 1, Episode 9 - Nobody’s Listening / The Outer Rim Outpost

Season 1, Episode 8 – Narkina 5: Andor / The Outer Rim Outpost

This episode centers around three main threads, prison, plans and investigation. Syril continues his personal investigation into Cassian Andor. Meero provides him a copy of Blevin’s investigation to read while she addresses Admiral Yularen. Cautiously impressed, Yularen grants her broader permissions to continue to pursue her investigations. Luthen now has a code name from the ISB. When will find out the ISB calls him Axis?

All prisons have their own nuances and rhythms. The confinement facilities on Narkina 5 are no different. Out fitted with tungstoid steel floors, compliance is enforced by shocking prisoners thru their bare feet. Prisoners are expected to be free forced labor building machinery for the Imperial military industrial complex. Prisoners are motivated thru shock therapy. Andy Serkis makes an appearance as a prisoner foreman. Is he playing a different character….or the precursor to Snoke? I think it’s a new character.

Cassian’s mother Maarva is ill. She does not want to go to a rest home. She desperately wants to help the fledgling rebellion. I wonder if she will get her chance at final glory given that Bix Caleen has been detained for questioning.


Interestingly, there seems to be an internal communication system amongst the prisoners on Narkina 5. You see them signaling to themselves across the prison bridges when transiting from their factory to their living areas. Cassian is very observant. He pays attention to everything that goes on around him. He observes how many guards there are. He watches their every movement. He counts them. He pays attention to the internal politics of his fellow prisoners.

The Empire’s new policies have affected the incarcerated. Every single prisoner on Narkina 5 has had their sentence doubled as a result of the Aldhani raid. It appears that Luthen’s insidious plan is working. Anger and unrest are brewing, even amongst the prison system.  

Mon Mothma continues her machinations to obtain her money surreptitiously. Luthen continues to press his organization to find and eliminate Andor. He is also planning another operation. We are finally re-introduced to Saw Gerrera. I uniquely stubborn individual, Saw see’s enemies everywhere. He believes that his purpose is the most just whilst other organizations have other agendas other than the complete destruction of the Empire. We see a glimpse why his Partisans remain separate and apart from the larger organized Rebellion.


This episode is yet another bridge episode setting up another climax to come. I suspect that Luthen will be somehow forced to break Andor out of prison. Cassian Andor has a particular set of skills that are useful to the Rebellion. Given Andor’s current experiences, it seems that he will finally succumb to his destiny.

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