Season 1, Episode 8 – Reunion

As predicted, Crosshair and his new team are back and are coming after the Bad Batch. The Kaminoans strategy is heating up. An old Bounty Hunter is back in the mix. Now for my 12 points.
  1. Training. Wrecker is spending more time with Omega. He is taking the time to show her how to disassemble explosives while amusing himself at the same time.
  1. Inhibitor Chips. The team appears to have successfully removed all the chips from one another. Note every member had a bandage.
  1. Salvage. Hunter does not like the idea of owing Cid anything. Salvaging munitions, weapons and technology from the scrapped Venator Star Destroyer might be the Bad Batch’s ticket out of debt. According to Tech, the intelligence stored in the ship’s central computer maybe the most valuable item worth salvaging. In order to get the intel, Tech has to power up the ship. This action ends up adding some future problems for the team…
  1. Creature of the Week Redux. The Dianoga becomes a topic of discussion. Tech surmises that is why the ship still has a lot of materials to salvage.
  1. A Different Path. Echo wonders if the team should have left with Rex. Hunter feels that Rex’s path is different than the Bad Batch. Hunter doesn’t really know what that path is. However, Echo still feels the pull of being a Soldier. Time will tell what that path ends up being. Currently team is just trying to survive.
  1. Crosshair. He has turned into quite the leader. He knows how to deploy the regular clone troopers to advance his mission. He delegates masterfully while leading from the front.
  1. Anticipation. Crosshair accurately predicts the Bad Batch’s tactics. He knew that they would tap into his team’s coms, so he figured out a way to use that tap to monitor their movements, trapping them momentarily. Of course, the Bad Batch does what it does and wrecks Crosshair’s carefully considered plan.
  1. Improvisation. Crosshair again anticipates how the team will egress off the ship. He sends his team to the bridge while he goes to an overwatch position over the Ion Engine Bell. His intuition is proved correct. Pinning the Bad Batch down, he tells his team to turn the engines on, thinking he can burn them out. Again, Crosshair fails to account for the Bad Batch’s improvisation skills. The Bad Batch find an explosive way to escape. Once their plan is executed, Hunter and Omega is separated from the rest of the team.
  1. Crosshair’s Injury. He is severely burned from the ion engines blazing heat.  It is unclear how severely he is injured.  He had trouble talking…and breathing.  At the end of the show, we see him heavily bandaged with a breathing device.   Will he be rehabilitated?  Will his armor change to accommodate his injuries?  Has his inhibitor chip been damaged?
  1. Cad Bane. His entrance to the show had a decidedly western feel to it.  Hunter is one of the best…but Cad Bane is a quicker draw.  Omega is game.  She pulled her weapon but was quickly disarmed by Bane’s droid.  Will Cid enlist a bounty hunter of her own to help the team secure Omega?  Will we see Boba Fett enter the fray?
  1. Republic Commando Easter egg. Notice the homage paid to the Republic Commando the video game?  Hunter awakening from unconsciousness was just like a scene out of one of the missions in the game.
  1. This episode ends eerily similar to how The Tragedy in The Mandalorian ended.  It makes you wonder who the team will enlist for help.  As alluded to earlier, perhaps Cid will enlist some outside help from another Bounty Hunter.  Maybe Rex, and the Martez Sisters show up to give a hand.  Questions remain.  How will the Kaminoans hide the fact that they hired Cad Bane to secure Omega?  Where will they keep her?  Do they have another facility that is not on Kamino?  Will we finally learn for sure who Omega is a clone of?  There is a lot of story left to unpack.

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