Season 2, Episode 9 – The Crossing

Cid has sent the crew to an unnamed planet that looks similar to Arvala -7 in order to mine ipsium from a mine she recently acquired. Team dynamics and morale are at an all-time low. Omega is having difficulties adjusting to the fact that Echo is gone. In fact, Echo’s absence is affecting every team member whether they want to admit it or not.

Tech and Hunter inspect the mine, while Wrecker and Omega stand watch. Unfortunately, they landed the Havoc Marauder in an alcove they do not have direct line of sight of from the mine. They are unaware that they are being watched.
Hunter and Tech call Omega into the mine and ask her to retrieve ipsium that they found. Ipsium is highly volatile and must be carefully extracted. Once the mineral is extracted, the team exits the mine only to watch their ship fly away. The watcher stole the ship. Tech and Wrecker begin arguing while Hunter tries to diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, a massive storm was brewing but appeared to be going to a different direction. The team begins the 40 click march to the only settlement they observed in the area as they flew in.
A heard of local wildlife stampeded towards the team, followed by the storm. The team found another mine to hole up in as the storm passed. Unfortunately, as they went into the mine, Wrecker lost the mined ipsium. The storm picked it up and threw it against rock above the opening to the mine, caving in the entrance. This sparked more bickering between Tech and Wrecker. Omega attempted to calm things down, but Tech rather abruptly told her the stark reality of the situation. Omega, distraught, stalked off to be alone. Tech’s cold directness hurt Omega’s feelings.
The teams inner conflict ended up being their salvation. Omega discovered a massive natural formation of ipsium. Feeling the pressure from the rest of the team, Tech decided to track her down and apologize. This season seems to highlight Tech’s continued education on the feelings and emotions of others. During this episode, it shows an important bonding moment between Tech and Omega.
Tech finds Omega, and they begin working together to extract the ipsium. As Omega was attempting to extract the last vial, she fell into the vast cavern. Tech followed her. They both landed in a massive underground lake that sent them on a wild ride to an underground beach head. Eventually, Hunter and Wrecker followed.
Realizing they were close to escaping the underground, the team used the ipsium to blow an entrance back to topside and they made their way to the settlement. Once they arrived, they realized it was abandoned. The episode closes out with all of us wondering whether Cid would send help or not. Regardless, just as Tech taught her Omega reminded the team that they will improvise and overcome just like they always do.

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