The Clone Conspiracy

Season 2, Episode 7 – The Clone Conspiracy

The next two episodes center around how the Imperial Storm Trooper program began. The Clone Conspiracy focuses on the coverup of Kamino’s destruction. Kamino’s clone facility destruction has provided the Emperor an opportunity to recruit individuals from a wider population to populate his future industrial war machine. The accelerated aging of the clones only speeds his master plan along. However, there are Senators who are unwittingly willing to throw wrenches into his plan. Additionally, there are murmurs among the clones regarding decommissioning. Further still, there are some clones who are distraught and disturbed at their participation in the destruction of their home. The subsequent coverup only serves to increase their concern about their own well-being.

Senator Riyo Chuchi, of Pantora, is concerned that the clone trooper’s future is not being considered in the new Defense Recruitment bill. Others are less concerned, especially Admiral Rampart. Meanwhile, suspected dissident clones are hunted down and silenced. Rex is involved in helping spirit those individual clones away to safety. However, he was too late when it came to Slip.

Slip was supposed to meet briefly with Senator Chuchi with vital information regarding Admiral Rampart and Kamino. Unfortunately, he was assassinated before her eyes. However, before Slip was killed, he did inform Senator Chuchi to check Admiral Rampart’s ship logs on his personal Venator, to learn what truly happened to Tipoca City on Kamino. As Slip fell, the assassin then turned his attention towards her. Senator Chuchi was effectively rescued by Rex who disabled the assassin. To his surprise it was a fellow clone who was so dedicated to the cause that he would not be taken alive.

This story starts off well. It is interesting to see and understand how the Empire shapes the galaxy in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. The Emperor cares about results and has no problem manipulating his underlings in order to achieve his final goals. This episode immediately rolls into the second episode in this mini story as both episodes were released at the same time.

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