Season 2, Episode 8 – Truth and Consequences

The previous episode set the stage for Truth and Consequences. Rex contacts the Bad Batch for the specific purpose of infiltrating Admiral Rampart’s Venator. The wary team makes their way to Coruscant and lands the ship in the very same hanger bay that is owned by the Martez sisters.

The team is greeted by Rex and Senator Chuchi, who briefed them on the current state of affairs. Rex briefs them that they need to secure the command logs stored on the Venator’s back up data base. Admiral Rampart’s ship was undergoing a refit on Coruscant, allowing the Bad Batch an opportunity to infiltrate and retrieve the data. Omega volunteers to accompany Senator Chuchi as an added measure of security.
Omega’s eyes are opened to how the galaxy at large is governed. She receives an important education from Senator Chuchi. Meanwhile Mas Amedda and the Emperor are seemingly concerned that their plans will be compromised and put pressure on Admiral Rampart to ensure there are no obstructions to the vote in support of the Galactic Recruitment Bill.
Omega’s education continues as she learns that there is a web of financials that shows Admiral Rampart’s part in diverting appropriation funds from Kamino to other unknown projects. Kaminoan Senator Halle Burtoni reveals this information to Senator Chuchi in Omega’s presence. One wonders if Omega’s revelation that she is a clone to the Kaminoan Senator will be an issue in later episodes.
The rest of the team infiltrates the shipyard and breaks into the ship using their usual improvisation. Rex joins them on the endeavor. It is interesting to note that the Bad Batch maintain and wear their helmets while Rex does not. The team is able to secure the data, and exfil, leaving chaos in their wake. It is quite a kinetic, entertaining sequence of events.
The Senate began their final deliberations on the bill in question. The diversion of funds was brought up. As the debate began, Omega retrieved the data, and ran it to the Senator Organa who passed it on to Senator Chuchi. The data was displayed to the Senate, showing Admiral Rampart’s part in destroying Tipoca City.
As it turned out the Emperor’s true machinations came to light. He anticipated that the Command logs would be stolen. As the holo from Rampart’s command logs played, the Emperor decided to make an appearance…and speak. He then argued that they should be concerned about the clones who blindly followed Admiral Rampart’s orders in destroying Kamino’s capital city. As such, he convinced the Senate that the Imperial Storm Trooper is the most viable replacement for the clones.
The fate of the clones is now in serious jeopardy. Echo decides to join Rex to help his brother clones out in this new unraveling realty. Omega is deeply saddened by his leaving. It is a sad touching scene as they part company.

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