Season 3, Episode 10 – Identity Crisis

This episode centers around younglings. First, we come to understand one of the many ways the Empire hunted down force sensitives. Then, our suspicions are confirmed regarding Project Necromancer. The experiments conducted on the children is ultimately about figuring out a way to clone the Emperor.

With Nala Se’s incarceration, Emerie is promoted to Chief Scientist over Project Necromancer. Nala Se’s knowledge is vital to the project…as evidenced by Omega’s creation. Further, it seems that Omega’s blood is the bridge needed to recreate new force sensitive blood. Emerie is beginning to understand the true implications this project holds for both Omega, and the galaxy at large.

Emerie’s altruistic tendencies once again surface once she realizes the project centers around the study of children. The Empire is relegated to hunting down force sensitive children since most of the adult Jedi died during Order 66. The use of children for study troubles Emerie. While she struggles to maintain the necessary scientific distance required to conduct the Empire’s work, ultimately her own humanity prevails.

Cade Bane once again makes an appearance as he hunts down Imperial Class I bounties. Force sensitives are on the Empire’s highest list for capture. Unfortunately, a young Tarlafar family suffers the ambitions of the Empire thru Cade Bane’s brutal tactics.

The Emperor is a master manipulator. His subordinates are not privy to each other’s projects. As a result, the Imperial leadership is constantly looking for an edge against one another. Governor Tarkin is always looking to consolidate new projects under his leadership so that he can take the credit, ultimately garnering favor with the Emperor. His takeover of the Death Star years later evidences this simple fact. However, it is interesting that the Emperor would put Project Necromancer at risk in such a way.

Emerie’s obvious struggle to come to grips with her current situation has her puzzling over next steps. Her conversation with Nala Se prompted Emerie to ponder over her future actions, and how she can ultimately help the younglings. For now, she must be patient, and look for the right opportunity.

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