Season 3, Episode 9 – The Harbinger

Last week’s episode brings back a fan favorite; Asajj Ventress. She returns to the Star Wars universe as a bounty hunter. When last we saw her, Ventress’s seemingly lifeless body was laid to rest in the waters of her village cavern on Dathomir. Quinlan Vos and Obi Wan Kenobi returned her to her home world so she could rest in peace. She was seemingly killed when she stepped in front of Count Dooku’s force lightening meant for Vos during their attempt to eliminate him once and for all.

Vos and Ventress had fallen in love with one another, and Vos’s actions of returning her home was his last act of love towards her. She had told him once, that she was reborn in those same waters from Sith to Night Sister. As he placed her into the water he stepped away and observed. The black water slowly turned green, and the voices of the night sisters whispered: sister. This is closing account in the final chapter of Dark Disciple, written by Alexander Freed in 2015. The mysteries of the Night Sisters continue to unfold and surprise us. It is apparently from these same waters, that Asajj Ventress returned anew, like a cat of nine lives.

Fennec Shand’s contact was apparently Ventress herself. The reborn Night Sister has seemingly resumed her role as a bounty hunter. Yet, Quinlan Vos’s influence clearly rubbed off on her. He taught her much. While she may yet have her own unknown agenda, it is not meant to hurt those that would rebel against the might of the Empire.

The mystery of M-count has been solved. As suspected, it is imperial shorthand for midichlorians. Omega apparently has tested positive for having an unusually large amount of them, making her a prime target for Dr. Hemlock’s machinations.

The Bad Batch was naturally apprehensive of Ventress. They are not privy to her transformation. True to form, Ventress remains her mercurial self, seeing no need to explain herself. Instead, she opts to show the team thru her actions that she means well. As the episode unfolds, she not only earns the grudging respect of the team, she also earns the admiration of Omega. Yet, Ventress continues her altruism by choosing to hide the truth about Omega from her, but Crosshair and the team know better. Clone Force 99 has a fight ahead of them and I wonder if they will have their very own Night Sister as a guardian angel of sorts…..

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