Season 3, Episode 11 – Point of No Return

The Bad Batch’s hideaway paradise is turned upside down in this episode. In “Identity Crisis”, Dr. Hemlock’s main Shadow Trooper reveals that he has found Phee Genoa thru harsh questioning of Cid. The operative tracks Phee down, sneaks on to her ship and steals a copy of her navigation computer memory.

Clone Force 99 understands it is time to leave Pabu for a while. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave their hideaway oasis fast enough. The Shadow Trooper uses his stolen information to pinpoint their likely location and alerts Commander Scorch. We are treated to a touching scene where Omega places memorable keepsakes in the Pabu vault. I wonder if we will see them again.

The Empire’s heavy-handed tactics are on full display when they arrive on Pabu. The Shadow Trooper learned from his last engagement with Clone Force 99 to ensure all their escape opportunities are cut off. As a result, a major injury occurs along with the loss of an iconic ship. With the help of the might of a battalion of troops from a Venator Star Destroyer, the Shadow Trooper was able to tighten the noose on Omega. Ultimately it was the brutality of the Imperial search tactics, and the protection of her brothers that prompted Omega to act seemingly against her interest.

The plan Omega worked out with Crosshair didn’t work. Now she will be left to trust Emerie to aid in her next escape. The Bad Batch follows a similar arc as the Mandalorian. New characters are introduced. Then, the new additions come together with the main characters for a climatic finish. It is likely that Rex’s Rebel Troopers along with Asajj Ventress will be heavily involved in the coming episodes.

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