Season 3, Episode 12 – Juggernaut

While Omega adjusts to her new reality, Crosshair reveals that he believes Admiral Rampart may hold the key to leading the Bad Batch to Tantiss. Their search for Admiral Rampart leads them to a planet called Erebus, which is eerily similar to Morak; a planet visited decades later by the Mandalorian and Mayfield to steal location codes for where Moff Gideon is at.

In this episode we are treated to one of the early generations of the Juggernaut, a transport chassis used as tank as well as a prison transport. Wrecker calls it a Turbo Tank from the clone wars era. Rampart and his fellow prisoners are transported from the mine to their barracks in the Juggernaut transport. Phee offers the team an escape once Rampart is secured.

The Bad Batch executes their mission with their usual kinetic prowess. With Rampart secured, the team must figure out the best way to find Tantiss. Rampart will no doubt exact a hefty price while being on the lookout to find a way to rejoin his beloved Empire.

Dr. Hemlock finally reveals how they intend to use Omega’s high M-Count. As articulated in previous articles, it seems that her cloned blood contains the binding points to re-create blood with high midichlorian counts.

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