Season 3, Episode 13 – Into the Breach

Two plans. That is what this episode should really be called. Omega spends time earning the trust of her fellow “subjects”. It didn’t take long as she is older, wiser, and more confident. Meanwhile, the Bad Batch reunites with Echo once again.

Admiral Rampart explains the difficulties of traveling to Wayland.  Even he doesn’t know the coordinates to the mysterious world.  After learning that all ships going to Wayland must dock at a particular orbital station, the Bad Batch seek to exploit Dr. Hemlock’s one flaw in his security protocols protecting the route to his lab; predictability.  The Empire hides behind its massive fully garrisoned battle stations and changing security codes.  Despite the Empire’s many security measures, they remain extremely vulnerable to motivated infiltrators. 

Meanwhile, back in the lab, Omega begins to make moves, while Emerie acts like she doesn’t notice.  Omega uses all her skills, and life experiences to her advantage.  Gaining the trust of her fellow “subjects”, she begins her own reconnaissance of the station.


Aboard the orbital station, Admiral Rampart and Clone Force 99 blend in despite the trooper’s non-regulation uniforms.  Unfortunately, they are unable to steal the coordinates to Wayland.  Clone Force 99 must change their plan on the fly. Their ability to process information, build a new plan and have confidence in its success sets the Bad Batch apart from the rest of their brethren…including Delta Squad.

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