Season 3, Episode 14 – Flash Strike

Setting the Stage. This episode focuses on the finer points of how the Bad Batch infiltrates Wayland while Omega continues to learn more about her surroundings as she is formulating her own plan of escape. 


The show opens with the team still in hyperspace during the final stages of their journey. The Empire is aware that the Bad Batch infiltrated the orbital station and is ready to receive them with fighters and laser cannons. The occupants of the lab, to include Omega and her new friends can hear the cannon fire. Omega realizes her escape plan must change to a link up plan with her brothers. Omega’s trust building skills pays off, as she discovers another new, volatile and critical piece to her rapidly formulating escape plan. 

Echo finally changes into the right uniform, for an Imperial.  He begins his systematic infiltration of the station, making his way to Dr. Emerie Karr’s first lab.


Hunter, Wrecker and Crosshair begin to navigate the dangerous forest towards the base.  Crosshair’s familiarity with the forest helps the team.  Omega’s refusal to leave him behind when they escaped together continues to motivate him, to save her now.  Crosshair’s motivations to support his brothers also stems from the Empire’s betrayal of all the clones.

As night falls, the forest of Wayland becomes more dangerous.  Admiral Rampart unwittingly wakes up a Dryax, a frightening large and powerful predator.  Rampart runs away only to be captured by the patrolling imperial troopers.  Characteristically, the Bad Batch leads the Dryax directly into another imperial patrol to keep them busy. 


Dr. Karr is incredibly observant.  She immediately recognizes Echo, even thru his stolen armor.  The culmination of her disdain for the Imperial tactics and mission occurs as she realizes Echo has arrived to free Omega and his brother clone troopers. She agrees to help him. Echo is surprised to learn of the other children located within the base.

The board is set.  The players are in position.  The finale will finally show us Omega’s plan that she has been piecing together the last two episodes.

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