Season 3, Episode 8 – Bad Territory

This episode barely moves the plot along. It is fun and entertaining, yet the Bad Batch may have put themselves in a worse position than what they were in before.

Hunter and Wrecker begin a quest to understand what M-count means. Hopefully this will help explain why Dr. Hemlock is so adamant to retrieve Omega. The Empire has commissioned bounty contracts for high M-count class targets. The reasoning eludes their source of information, so the team decides to find a bounty hunter and put them to the question. Hunter’s quest leads them to Fennec Shand.

Meanwhile, Omega works with Crosshair to understand his shaky hands. AZ, her droid, has determined that there is nothing physically wrong with Crosshair. Instead, he suggests that Crosshair’s malady is connected to the Empire’s attempted reconditioning of him. Crosshair doesn’t react well to this, but that is to be expected given his nature. Still, Omega finds a way to reach him and teaches him a way to still his mind.

Fennec Shand is an opportunist. She needed a problem solved so she enlisted Hunter and Wrecker to help her solve it, given their specific set of skills. This episode highlights how important language in contracts is. She told them if they follow through, she will get them what they need to know.

Hunter and Wrecker use their particular skill sets to accomplish Fennec Shand’s hunt. It took all three to take their query down alive. Shand didn’t have the information Hunter and Wrecker wanted, but she didn’t say that she did. Hunter knew she wasn’t to be trusted, but he has no choice but to wait for her to respond. Fennec Shand appears to be leveraging her knowledge of the Bad Batch for an even bigger pay day….

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