Season I, Part Eight: The Jedi, The Witch and the Warlord

Part Eight feels like the perfect way to end the inaugural season of Ahsoka. It is packed with action, lore, mysticism, and a few questions.
The Gift. The Great Mothers rewarded Morgan Elspeth for her service to Grand Admiral Thrawn. She was made a full sister and provided with the Blade of Talzin. Ever the strategist, Thrawn was already several steps ahead of everyone else…
The Saber. As danger looms, Ezra attempts to build his second lightsaber. As he does so, Huyang is intrigued by what Ezra is building. When he realizes that Ezra’s master was the padawan Huyang knew as Caleb Dume, he was able to help Ezra complete his build.
The Chat. Huyang reminds Ahsoka of the importance of the Master and Apprentice relationship causing Sabine to finally have a one-on-one conversation with Ahsoka. This conversation is beautifully written dialogue of Ahsoka remembering how Anakin treated her as a padawan. Anakin supported her no matter what, even to the detriment of his own standing with the Jedi Order. Ahsoka was like a little sister to him. She was family and he treated her as such. While that level of attachment is troubling to the Jedi Order establishment, I think it created an important bond between Anakin and Ahsoka. She realized that he understood her reasons for making hard choices. Ahsoka understands she now must support her apprentice in the decisions the Force leads her to make.
Why is Sabine now a Force User? Many have puzzled over this relationship. Why is it that Dave Filoni decided to inject the use of the Force on this particular Mandalorian? How is it that Kanan Jarrus was unable to see her potential and that Ahsoka can? From a creative standpoint I have no answers. I was not thrilled with the idea in the beginning. Now that I see it unfolding, it is a beautifully written organic piece of the story. Dave Filoni created these characters so he knows how something as monumental as being able to touch the force will affect this particular Mandalorian. The only answer I have to Jarrus’s inability to see Sabine’s potential is that Ahsoka is just that much more powerful and in-tune with the larger Force than Kanan Jarrus was.
To date, I am not aware if Dave Filoni has discussed this specific topic. However, I can only surmise that this is Filoni’s way of showing how Ahsoka passes on what she has learned within the realm that he has personally created. Luke is not his creation. As an acolyte of George Lucas, he may feel a certain reverence towards that character and would rather leave it alone. Additionally, there is the logistical problems of filming Mark Hamill in the role.
Then the question becomes, why doesn’t Ahsoka train Grogu? Given Ahsoka’s reaction to Grogu, she sensed some level of conflict in him. She also noted that he is 50 years old. Lastly, Grogu had formed an enormous attachment to Din Djarin. The same reason she refused to train Grogu is the same reason she turned away from Sabine. She herself didn’t feel up to the task.
“Prepare for Ground Assault.” After Grand Admiral Thrawn realized his TIE patrol was destroyed, he knew Ahsoka and company were coming.
– Volunteer Night Troopers. In order to effectuate his escape, certain Night Troopers volunteered to stay, knowing that they would probably not survive. They were not ordered to stay. They volunteered. This is a key distinction and shows the devotion to duty Thrawn fosters with his own troops.
– Hell Fire. Attempting to slow down the trio, Thrawn orders a bombardment on the advancing team. His efforts were not rewarded. Ahsoka, Ezra and Sabine made it to the temple entrance and scooted inside to avoid the turbo-laser strikes. Once inside, the trio was greeted by the Night Trooper’s. Ahsoka and company quickly dispatched them and calculated their next move.
– Night Sister Magic. It has been a while since we have seen the reanimation of the dead. The Great Mothers executed this unique dark “magic” causing the more problems for the trio as the advanced up the stairwell of the temple.
– The Duel. It didn’t take us long to see Morgan Elspeth use the Blade of Talzin. She is clearly skilled with the blade, managing to separate Ahsoka from one her blades. However, she wasn’t skilled enough to win the day.
– Leap of Faith. Sabine and Ezra advance to the top of the monument only to be confronted by what appears to be two zombie death troopers. It was a desperate fight ending only after one is decapitated and another is pierced thru the head by a lightsaber. During the fight we see Sabine’s connection to the force growing. As the fight ended, the Chimaera started to slowly pull away. Ezra trusted the force and Sabine to leap the growing chasm between the temple and the main landing bay of the Chimaera.
– Better Together. As Sabine was about to follow Ezra, she observes her master in a desperate fight with not only Morgan Elspeth but an onslaught of Night Troopers. She makes a choice. Remembering Huyang’s observation that they are better together, Sabine joins the fight.
Thrawn Returns. As Part Eight begins to wrap up, we see the Chimaera advancing on Dathomir. Next season, we will finally learn what is in the coffinlike containers. I think we can all guess….
A New Tribe? Shin Hati decides to join an encampment of raiders. Who knows to what end.
The Quest. The source of the power drawing Baylan Skoll is linked to the Mortis gods. We were first introduced to the Mortis gods during the Clone Wars, Season Three, episodes 15 thru 17. The Mortis gods were The Father, The Son and The Daughter. The Father was attracted to The Chosen One because he knew that he would bring balance to not only the Force but to his family. The Father, Son and Daughter were known as Force Wielders. They appeared to be the most powerful wielders of the force we have seen in Star Wars canon. The Son is attracted to the dark while the daughter is attracted to the light, with the Father acting as the balance between the two. Given their immense power, the Father decided to keep them out of the temporal world, secluded on a force rich planetoid. Their age appears to span thousands of years, as evidenced by the broken remnants of the statue Skoll stands on at the end of Part eight.
Over the course of the aforementioned three episodes, we see that balance is indeed brought to the family in the most horrific way possible. The Daughter sacrifices herself to save her Father, and in so doing also saves Ahsoka’s life, giving Ahsoka a piece of her life force. The Father and Anakin lure the Son into a trap wherein the Father stabs himself with Dagger of Mortis. By stabbing himself, his life force is sapped, pulling the Son’s power away from him and allowing Anakin to impale the Son and the Father with his light saber.
As Skoll stands on the hand of the Father, he looks out over a mountain range. I surmise he is looking for the Mother, as I have theorized all along. It is possible the Mother has been imprisoned, and she is the great power calling to Skoll. In Legends, the Mother was named Abeloth and she became a great menace to the galaxy until she was finally subdued by Grand Master Luke Skywalker.
Reunited. True to form, Ezra finds a way to disguise himself, evade a Star Destroyer full of troopers, steal a ship and escape back to the New Republic. Chopper recognized him immediately thru his trooper disguise.
Peridea, A Way Point. The Force has brought Ahsoka and Sabine to Peridea for a reason. It could be that Ezra is the only hope to defeat Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, it could also be that Ahsoka and Sabine must be on Peridea to quell whatever is drawing Baylan Skoll to the planet in the first place. If it is indeed the Mother, then no one has the capacity to defeat her. Ahsoka will need to find the Dagger of Mortis. She will be aware of it…but finding it will be like finding a needle in the galactic haystack. Still, her search to defeat the power menace may be aided by Morai. The little owl you see at the end of Part eight is Morai. She is a symbol and manifestation of the Daughter’s power. Morai has popped up during Star Wars Rebels in the World Between Worlds, as well as during season two of the Mandalorian.
Summation and Projection. Dave Filoni is writing his own story while also incorporating elements of Timothy Zahn’s original Thrawn Trilogy that is now branded under Star Wars Legends. Next season will likely feature two different story lines as two epic wars are about to take place. Thrawn will undoubtably unleash his ingenious stratagems on the known galaxy. The Bad Batch has already set up the fact that the Emperor had hidden caches of weapons and technology. Thrawn may return to Wayland as he did in Zahn’s Heir to the Empire. On Peridea, we will see a different war take place as Ahsoka and Sabine battle the dark force that scared the Dark Mothers off the planet.

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