Season I, Part Seven: Dreams and Madness

Part Seven seems relatively straight forward with only a few glaring questions.

Politics. Senator Hamato Xiono reminds me of the Legends character, Borsk Fey’lya. Borsk, a Bothan, was always a contrarian, and usually found himself on opposite ends of Leia in most issues. Xiono continues this contrarian attitude in his short sided questioning of General Syndulla. He has a staunch suspicion of the military establishment, regardless of their accomplishments and loyalty to the New Republic. Amusingly, Xiono was outflanked by Leia and C3PO delivered the message. Leia is now the Leader of the Defense Counsel for the New Republic which apparently provides her considerable weight on military matters.

Master and Apprentice. Anakin Skywalker was a great master. He understood the needs of his padawan in the moment. He also understood the challenges ahead of her in her future. He trained her accordingly. The fact that Ahsoka has kept all 21 of his training messages speaks to the level of respect she still holds for Anakin in spite of his fall. She still practices the basic forms as they are the foundation to her future success.
Welcoming Party. An Imperial minefield isn’t the welcoming committed Ahsoka had in mind. Thrawn wisely laid the minefield where he knew the Purrgil would exit hyperspace. After Ahsoka piloted her T-6 out of the star whale, the Purrgil pod jumped away, leaving her to evade and escape nine starfighters, after she navigated the minefield. Huyang and Ahsoka found refuge in the remains of a star whale, pondering their next move.
Thrawn’s Strategy and Tactics. Strategy is the overall plan. Tactics are the mechanisms used to implement the strategy. Thrawn’s current mission is to go back to the known galaxy with his cargo. Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine are mere flies in the way of his mission. If he can eradicate them and get away, the eradication of such irritants is a great bonus. However, the eradication of Ahsoka, Ezra and Sabine are not essential to his mission to collect his cargo and leave. Keeping them at bay and distracted while he accomplishes his mission is.

Know your Enemy. When Thrawn found out who Ahsoka’s master was, he immediately knew and understood his enemy. Thrawn had personal experience fighting beside Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars in the Outer Rim. (Read Thrawn: Alliances by Timothy Zahn). He knew that Skywalker was incredibly unpredictable and equally dangerous. Thrawn decided to remove as many variables as possible. With the help of the Great Mothers, he flushed his quarry into the open.

Reunion and Connection. Sabine brings Ezra up to speed on what they missed, as they ride in the Noti’s space motor homes. While they are catching up, Ahsoka touches Sabine’s mind, allowing Ahsoka to find them on Peridea.

Battle. Baylan and Shin finally catch up to Sabine. Baylan appears to be parting ways with his apprentice. He notes her ambition is taking her one direction, while his path lies elsewhere. Shin Hati appears to take his parting lesson to heart as Part Seven closes out. “Impatience for victory will guarantee defeat.”

Ezra’s force powers are considerable. He stopped and twisted a lightsaber strike which only the most powerful force users seem to have the ability to do. Still, as powerful as he is, he can be caught off guard.
Baylan Skoll fought briefly with Ahsoka. It is unclear who is the more powerful. It has been sometime since Ahsoka fought a force user and this was her second bout with Lord Baylan. Still, she planned ahead. Her mission was not to defeat Skoll, but to reunite with Sabine. Skoll looked on admiringly. Then his face turned contemplative as he turned and went the opposite direction. A great power is drawing him in….
Thrawn’s Victory. You can win many battles and still lose the war. Thrawn understands this all too well. He does not spend his forces needlessly. In this case, it would have been a bonus to defeat Ahsoka, Sabine and Ezra. For Thrawn, it was more important to play for time. The trio has no idea what he is loading on to his ship. Neither do we. However, it would not surprise me if it were Night Sisters in stasis…or some other type of being in stasis, waiting to be deployed in support of Thrawn’s ultimate goals.
Night Troopers. It appears the troopers that serve Thrawn are indeed real sentients and not reanimated corpses by the Night Sisters. They also appear to be every bit as inept as they were in the known galaxy. I wonder what Enoch is like in battle.

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