Season I, Part Five, Shadow Warrior

Mysticism, Witty Dialogue, Lore. This is a great episode. It is easy to see why this episode was a limited theatrical release. We were treated to an epic lightsaber battle, live action Snips, Clone Wars flash backs and a few versions of Rex!
1.  Hera’s Search. Hera and the remainder of Phoenix squadron begin their search for Ahsoka and Sabine. Hera discovers Huyang by the cliff, holding Sabine’s helmet, lamenting his last words to the team before they left him to repair the ship.
2.  The World Between Worlds.

a.  Ahsoka’s Test – Live or Die. “One is Never too Old to Learn, Snips.” This was an odd play on words. Master Yoda among others had said that Anakin was too old to learn. He proved them wrong and passed this knowledge on to Ahsoka.

b.  First Duel. When confronted with a fight from her master, Ahsoka says, “I won’t fight you” and Anakin responds “I have heard that before” as he is about to strike her. This seems to prove that there is a direct link between the force ghost version of the Jedi and the World Between Worlds. Anakin, famous for his one- line quips, reveals a crucial clue about the mysticism of the force. Consider how truly powerful Anakin is to be a corporeal being within the World Between Worlds after becoming one with the Force. After Ahsoka thinks she bests her master, he surprises her with the next portion of her test.

c.  Ryloth. She is taken to Ryloth when she was a young padawn. She didn’t understand why she was there. Here the discussion between master and apprentice evolved around Ahsoka’s specific training applicable to the times. She was trained to be a Warrior, but she was naturally compassionate. Anakin taught her how to lead and survive thru fighting the various battles in the Clone Wars. She holds a wounded clone trooper’s hand. She laments her part in the loss of clone troopers in the battle. This was a first step to remembering her compassion, because she has been a fighter for so long.

d.  The Siege of Mandalore – Anakin didn’t know about this battle. He observed that she was a Warrior now. She wondered was that all? Anakin reminded her “within you is everything I am, all the knowledge I possess…” He reminded her that she is more than death and war because he is more than that. She then confronts him about his dark side. He grows angry because she is not understanding the lesson. So, he gives her want she wants, the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. She must live or die.

e.  The Second Duel. The Saber duel continues. He disarms her and tells her it’s time to die. Ahsoka deftly maneuvers around him taking his saber from him. She has his blade at his neck. Just as she is about to end her former Master’s life, her eyes turn Sith yellow, and she realizes the lesson in that moment. Kill enough, fight enough and eventually you will fall to the dark side of the Force. By throwing the saber away she chooses life. She chooses the light side of the force. She chooses the Jedi way. Ahsoka has found her path once again.

f.  The World Between Worlds. It is unclear how she ended up in the World Between Worlds. I suspect it’s because Anakin himself pulled her out of the situation. He was watching. He noted that his padawan lost the duel with Baylan and he bluntly reminded her of that simple fact. Still, the question remains, how is it that Anakin knew to be at that precise moment in time to pull Ahsoka from the jaws of death to safety? Has he been watching her all along? Is he watching his children? What capacity does he have to keep an eye on things that interest him? I suspect the situation is like Obi Wan, Qui Gon and Yoda. They materialized to provide mentorship and guidance when needed. Anakin, true to his brash nature, didn’t bother with appearances. He pulled her into his world to finish her training.

3.  Jacen’s Connection to the Force. Kannan Jarrus never received enough credit for how truly powerful his connection to the force was. One must wonder if he will have any involvement in his son’s training. I suspect not since it would hurt Hera’s heart too much to have her one true love only appear to her son. Jacen heard the duels, and the blaster fire. He directed the search to his mother. They knew exactly where Ahsoka would resurface. Consider Jacen’s true potential. What can he really become?

4.  Psychometry Tells Sabines Story. Ahsoka’s new force power is flexed once more as she unveils the unfortunate facts of Part Four of the series.

5.  Purrgil. Ahsoka looks up and has a realization. She internally theorizes that if they took Ezra and Thrawn away, maybe they could take her where they are at.
6.  Ahsoka the White. Noticeably her garb has changed. She still sports armor, but rather than wearing the subdued grey, she is now wearing white, symbolizing her commitment to the light side of the Force. She is letting the Force lead her into the unknown.

7.  Buying Time. Carson Teva is given the unenviable task of holding off the small task force that was sent to collect General Syndulla. They were not impressed with his antics. 

They were however impressed with the Purrgil. I suspect their testimony of what they observed will be quite important to future operations.

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