Season I, Part Four, Fallen Jedi

This episode leaves many more questions than answers, so I am going to dive right in.
1.  Difficult Choices. Ahsoka knew Sabine’s desire to find and save Ezra may affect her judgement regarding the bigger picture. Ultimately, this episode is about Sabine’s choices and motivations. If she chooses Ahsoka’s path, she believes all hope of finding Ezra is lost. If she chooses a different path, there is a chance she can find and save Ezra. “Sometimes we have to do what is right, regardless of our personal feelings.” The trouble is, what is right is a matter of perspective.
2.  Huyang’s Wisdom. Ahsoka and Sabine are clearly better together, especially in combat. Huyang reminded them of that. Yet, Sabine forgot about it in the heat of battle, and so did Ahsoka. “You will come to regret that decision” says Shin Hati. Will they?
3.  Hera the Rebel. Once a Rebel always a Rebel. She doesn’t give two womp rats what the New Republic Senate has to say. She is going to not only help her friends but attempt to save the galaxy as well. She knows what is at stake. Five members of Phoenix Squadron join her, including Carson Teva.
4.  Mandalorian vs Jedi. Sabine’s Mandalorian training and experience makes her an even match for Shin Hati. If she had her Jet Pack, I dare say she would have defeated Shin. Sabine is cunning. She made Shin believe she was going to force push her and instead hit her with her wrist rockets.
5.  Attachment. Masters’ are always attached to their apprentices. Jedi preach no attachment, and then assign a master to teach an apprentice over a period of years. I never understood how there couldn’t be an attachment in that relationship. We saw Obi Wan’s reaction to losing his master. Luke was overcome by the emotions and desires to “save” his father and return him to the light. Further, when confronted with the prospect of losing his temper, his emotions momentarily took over as defeated his father in battle. Ahsoka, in the heat of battle was overcome by emotion at the perceived loss of Sabine. Baylan became angry when Ahsoka knocked brutally his apprentice out. Any way you cut it, Jedi were hypocritical in this regard, creating an unnecessary weakness. It is better to embrace the attachment and turn it into a strength. This is an unnecessary failing of the Jedi.
6.  Manipulation. Baylan understand’s Sabine’s desire for family. It is revealed that Sabine’s family was lost in the Night of a Thousand Tears on Mandalore. What is unclear is Ahsoka’s role. Baylan accuses Ahsoka of not trusting her to go to Mandalore to fight. This is an easy manipulation to project on a conflicted, emotional mind. However, Sabine’s seclusion and emotional state could be deeply affected, in part because Ahsoka likely prohibited her from returning to Mandalore. If true, this would have driven a wedge between the Master and the Apprentice such that they would separate. There is more to uncover here. What exactly happened between Ahsoka and Sabine concerning Mandalore?
7.  Manipulation Continued. It is perceived that Ezra may be her only family left. Strictly speaking, this cannot be true. Hera is still alive and well. So is Zeb. Yet a mind in pain can misperceive a great many things. It is clear we don’t know the truth depths of Sabine’s pain. What is clear is that it appears to be influencing her decision making..
8.  Ahsoka’s Battle. Ahsoka is a skilled and cunning warrior. Yet, even she can be manipulated and overcome by emotion. When she finely bests Baylan, she unwisely grabs the map, severely burning her hand. It was an impetuous move in the moment, and it almost cost her everything. As she as on the edge of the cliff with Baylan seemingly overpowering her, several questions arise. Did she willingly give up? If so, why? Did she think Baylan was going to ease up with Sabine holding the map hostage? Did Baylan trick her by seemingly easing up, when he knew Shin Hati would be along very shortly? Did Ahsoka give up because she was disappointed Sabine would not immediately destroy the map? What really happened here?
9.  The World Between Worlds. How did Ahsoka end up back in the World Between Worlds? Was there something about the map, or the shrine that opened an unseen portal? Seeing Anakin was a HUGE surprise. What exactly did he mean by “I didn’t expect to see you so soon”?
10.  Sabines Gambit. Baylan clearly does not trust Sabine. She gave up a little too easily for his taste. As he destroyed the map, he looked at her coldly and stated no one would be following them. Was Sabine acting on emotion or calculation when she gave up the map? How much did Baylan’s manipulative speech really affect her?
11.  Odds and Ends. Huyang is a cunning, inventive fighter. Jacen is in pilot training. Who and what exactly was Marrok? His death was rather anti-climatic. Was he merely a Night Sister Zombie or something more? Morgan Elspeth clearly isn’t happy with Balyan’s choice to bring Sabine along for the ride. Baylan has a personal honor code. How far will it go?

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