Season I, Part Six, Far, Far Away

Star Wars has a deep and long lore. The original expanded universe is rich with history and adventure. Much of that history is being drawn from Star Wars Legends to tell new stories in the Star Wars Canon.
1.  Peridea. It is revealed that this planet is the home world of the Dathomiri. The Purrgill’s connection to the world is only revealed as a place to die. But is that the only connection? The planet itself appears to be a recovered wasteland, with ancient ruins. The ruins presumably belong to the Great Witch Kingdom of the Dathomiri.
2.  In a Galaxy Far Far Away. Huyang reveals that there is so much more lore and history that was shared with the younglings at the Jedi temple. Curiously, the Purrgil and Peridea were thought of as ancient myths. I wonder what Yoda’s take on such things would be. I suspect he was aware of the ancient kingdom of the night sisters, but since it was not an immediate threat to the known galaxy, it is better to focus on the present.
3.  From a Certain Point of View. Grand Admiral Thrawn did not call for Morgan Elspeth. The three Great Mothers of the Dathomiri called for her. Baylan Skoll did not seem surprised by the witches. Apparently, thru his training at the Jedi Temple, he learned of this planet and its inhabitants and surmised that the legends were indeed true.
4.  Great Mothers. They appear to be immensely powerful. Their age is unknown. They sensed immediately that Sabine Wren was not only a force user but an immediate and imminent threat. Ahsoka’s seems to have a latent ability to sense some one’s potential for the force after all. It is curious that they did not comment on Baylan Skoll and his apprentice. I suspect it’s because Skoll does not adhere to the light. The Night Sisters at one time had figured out how to ride the Purrgil, and thus migrated to the known Star Wars Galaxy. Why didn’t the three Great Mothers do it again? Why are they eager to leave? It is interesting that they can sense the coming of another great Force user, yet they cannot locate Ezra Bridger.
5.  Thrawn. Grand Admiral Thrawn is a survivor. Who knows the challenges and hardships he and his crew endured over the last 10 to 13 years while surviving in and around Peridea. Interestingly enough, Thrawn opted to ally himself with the Great Mothers. Up until now, the only variable that has ever defeated Thrawn was the force. His exile to Peridea likely forced him to ally with the most powerful perceived entity on Peridea. Thrawn’s new alliance had the added benefit of access to dark magic which could be a useful counter to any Jedi that may stand in his way. It is unclear if he is aware of Luke Skywalker at this point.

a.  Echoes of Legends. Timothy Zahn created the character Thrawn. He created him to be a calculating genius who never lost in battle. In the original Thrawn Trilogy, the Grand Admiral made use of a deranged force using clone for his own use. Similarly, Dave Filoni’s version of Thrawn is making use of his favorite force users, the Night Sisters.

b.  Thrawn has aged. He is 10 to 13 years older, and he has put on some weight. Yet, his time in exile has not adversely affected his patience.

c.  The Chimaera has seen better days. However, it is evident that repairs to the Chimaera have occurred using a local ore that appears to be gold colored.

d.  Night Troopers. The Stormtrooper armor is beat, battered and repaired with the same local ore that has been used on the Chimaera. The troopers have adorned their armor with scarlet fabric. It appears that exile has hardened these troopers, and they will make a formidable force to contend with. Enoch exudes foreboding and elite hardness.

e.  Cargo – What is Thrawn transporting that would require three rotations to load?

6.  Baylan Skoll’s Quest. Something is calling to Skoll. Whatever is calling to him must be a reason why the Great Mothers are anxious to leave Peridea.

a.  Abeloth. In Legends, an ancient extragalactic dark entity named Abeloth plagued the New Republic after the close of the Yuuzhan Vong wars. She was the most powerful force user Grand Master Skywalker ever encountered. Her Legend is surreal. As a mortal she married “The Father” (Celestial Force User). After she grew old, she drank from the Font of Power and bathed in the Pool of knowledge, giving her a semblance of eternal youth and great power. The Father and his Children left her on the world until she was discovered during Jacen Solo’s quest to learn as much about the Force as possible.

b.  Mortis gods. Since Filoni wrote about the Mortis gods (the Father, Son and Daughter) it is possible and highly likely we will see some likeness of Abeloth. The Mortis gods were certainty taught at the Jedi Temple. Remember, just like Legends, the Son had an affinity for the dark side and the Daughter an affinity for the light side, creating an eternal struggle between the two of them.

c.  Shin Hati’s counsel to leave may be more prescient that she knows. It is possible that she becomes the physical holder of the power that draws Baylan to Peridea in the first place.

7.  Sabine. The mystery of Sabine’s powers has been partially solved. The Great Mother’s sense her power, as did Ahsoka. Remember, as Huyang advised, the force works in mysterious ways. It has led and guided Sabine to the only choice she herself could make. The consequences are about to come to light.

a.  Her natural affinity for animals once again has worked in her favor. Remember, Mandalorians are famous for taming and riding various beasts.

b.  Mandalorians can survive anywhere. Extragalactic warlike nomads are no problem for a skilled Mandalorian to dispatch.

c.  The story of Ezra’s survival will be interesting. It must be closely linked to Thrawn’s. For Ezra to elude the Chiss warrior for over 10 years is an amazing feat in and of itself. Has Ezra learned to cut himself off from the force making it more difficult for him to track? Surely the Great Mother’s would have found him by now. Is it possible that whatever other dark entity populating Peridea clouds their senses?

8.  Details. Dave Filoni and Company have put a lot of time, effort and thought into the production of this show. Did you notice the humidity outside Ahsoka’s T-6 Shuttle? They are riding inside a Star Whale’s mouth, of course there would be humidity. This is just one of many examples to the attention to detail given to this show.
9.  Claudia Black. Star Wars welcomes Claudia Black to the list of actors who have joined the universe. Black is best known for her role as Aeryn Sun on Far Scape. She also was a headliner for the last few seasons of Star Gate SG1. Black plays the lead Great Mother in Ahsoka.

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